Increasing knowledge about Stress | The powerful impact I have noticed.

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More or less we all know about stress because there's no one who doesn't feel stress from time to time. On the other hand, there's a large population who are under stress but are not very aware of it.

It happens like, people feel pressure to put themselves in, they try to perform their best but they feel worse at the same time. It kills them inside and many times they burst out. All these are signs of stress but if you ask many will answer, that it's nothing. This is what life is.

I wouldn't lie that I also have the same dilemma and it took me a good few months to accept that I'm under stress. It's not about guilt or shame, it's more like feeling the pressure to show our best self while we are not doing well inside. Also, it's sometimes like self pretending which is very harmful.


Let me give you a real life example of what I'm talking about.

One of my cousins got pregnant unwillingly with her third child just after birthing her second. When she gave birth to her third, she became like a crazy person. She used to beat the kids, scream, and all. I got to know about this after a few months at a family get-together. I talked with her about the situation and as usual, she denied that she is stressed. She said it's normal, otherwise, she will never be able to manage all three kids.

To let you know, I was learning from stress for the past few years all because I have been through acute stress and anxiety. I was almost in the same situation as her, I didn't know there are physical signs of stress.

Can you believe that?

Yes, I used to think that it's a mental thing and we need to deal with it in our brain. And what amazed me most is that I'm not alone. There are many who don't know that some physical signs indicate our mental health too.

So when I shared this with my cousin she finally confessed. And gradually after talking with her over the year, and sharing my knowledge she is doing good now.

I'm not a hero or anything. What I learned is that knowledge sharing and educating ourselves can sure bring a great result.

There are many free resources out there where you can learn about stress and how to deal with it. The United Nation's stress management articles helped me a lot to understand these easily. Also, I found some online forums that help for free, make a room to talk if you are going through stress.

Try to learn and educate yourself, it will help you in so many ways and you can also share the knowledge with others.

One thing you must know is that you are not alone. Find a group or someone, talk with them, know the signs, and learn when to ask for help. Believe me, there are people out there who will love to help us. Don't pretend and try to handle everything alone. Take help if needed.

Have a good day, everyone.

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10 months ago