And then...Life wouldn't be the same!

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‍People say, if you lose your trust you will lose everything.

I thought, how can it change our whole life? Life doesn't depend only on this thing.

But when life put me into such a situation and I came to the point where I couldn't trust anymore/a certain person; I came to understand people didn't lie about this.

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If you can't relate to what I am talking about then feel blessed. Yes, I am saying it again. You are blessed that you can't relate to this situation.

Trust is the bridge between people. You can still communicate, you can still connect with life. But this will not be the same, the world will never feel the same...

> And then your life will become different. Your whole world will change in a blink of an eye. Your belief system, your perspective, your understanding of life, the way you see things and deal with people will change.

Is there any good in this?


You will become more mature in no time, this will take you to the real world; the world you never imagined exit.

But then again...

You will change, there will be a black hole in your heart. No amount of love, no amount of re-trust will fill that hole. It's such a journey that no word can explain to you

People will say, get over it, this is life, life works like this. But you will know, you are missing something.

And then...

You will be looking for love and trust here and there, you will feel lost, you will feel unwanted and betrayed, you will feel forever leaf behind... No matter if you know you are enough, you have control over your life, you can change yourself for the better, find love, and rebuild trust again. But that black hole will take you down every once in a while!

Now if you can relate to this, Welcome to adulthood, to the real world. I wish you never have to experience this.

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