Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

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1 year ago

Hello Hello!

Happy and Blessed Weekend to everyone!!

I'll make a short article today, well, short is an understatement, it will have many pictures and not a lot of text. Why? Well, for one thing, I'm not feeling well today, I'm exhausted and in a lot of pain, and with Fibro Fog, so, it's hard to concentrate and focus on any elaborated content.

Yes, I have given this excuse for some time now, but, this is my life. Because of Fibromialgya the ups and downs become more frequent as I have more activities, and I build up fatigue and tiredness because I don't have enough time to rest properly. However, I can continue to be here with softer content, things that don't demand much thought and that are easily put together in a decent article.

That's why I took another quiz and now I'll share it with you. For this, I used Buzzfeed like last time and chose a Christmas-related quiz because it has two of my most beloved things: Christmas and Food, plus Family Traditions.

This is funny though because my answers would determine what will be my gift from Santa, and I want him to come, I want a cellphone so bad! I want to take pictures of all the things that I like and share them with you.

So, let's see if I'll get a present or coal in my stocking.

  •  Pecan,

  • Sweet Potato,

  • Pumpkin,

  • Maple,

  • Apple,

  • Peanut Butter.

I choose Pecan, never tried it but always wanted to, and I'll bet this would be my favorite.

  • Hot Chocolate,

  • Eggnog Latte,

  • Warm Apple Cider,

  • London Fog Tea,

  • Peppermint Hot Chocolate,

  • Salted Caramel Latte,

  • Lemon-Ginger Tea,

  • Gingerbread Latte.

Always always always Hot Chocolate, with marshmallows.

  • Mashed Potatoes,

  • Stuffing/Dressing,

  • Baked Ham,

  • Shepherd’s or Cottage Pie,

  • Mac n’Cheese, Casserole,

  • Turkey,

  • Quiche.

I was torn between Turkey and Baked Ham, but chose Turkey because I can make sandwiches the next day.

  • Trifle,

  • Cake,

  • Pie,

  • Pudding,

  • Tarts,

  • Shortbread,

  • Créme Brûlée,

  • Brownies

Cake, our Traditional Black Fruit Cake, chocolaty boozy fruity cake.

  • Peppermint Mocha,

  • Hazlenut,

  • Cinnamon Rum,

  • Caramel,

  • Gingerbread,

  • Irish Cream,

  • Toffee,

  • Maple Pecan.

Irish Cream makes me reminisce about warm Baileys, one of my favorite drinks.

  • Boozy Eggnog,

  • Hot Toddy,

  • Espresso Martini,

  • Whiskey Ginger,

  • Hot Buttered Rum,

  • Cinnamon Whiskey Apple Cider,

  • Peppermint Martini,

  • Mulled Wine.

Easy choice, the Boozy Eggnog is what we call Ponche Crema, it's delicious.

  • White Elephant Party,

  • Office Party,

  • Family Dinner,

  • Christmas Karaoke Night,

  • Secret Santa Party,

  • Religious Service,

  • Party with Friends,

  • Going out Caroling.

We can have several, but the Family Dinner for me is the best.

  • Exchanging Presents,

  • Putting up Decorations,

  • Wearing Holiday Sweaters,

  • Hanging Stockings,

  • Making Gingerbread Homes,

  • Mistletoe,

  • Watching Christmas Films,

  • Only Eating Candy Canes.

There are some missing, and for me making the Hallacas and eating leftover Christmas New Year's Eve dinner are beautiful traditions and my favorites. But since they were not on the list, I have to go with Putting up Decorations.

The Results


I don't want a new job! I'm not looking for a new job! I'm happy with were I am now and love my job here on #readcash!

Hahaha but, if it's Santa's will, what can I do??

And you? Did you write you letter to Santa? Were you naughty or nice this year?

Click Here if you want to see what Santa will bring you this Christmas!

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See you next time.



November 27th, 2021.

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1 year ago


Estoy igual que tu, pero no quiero un nuevo trabajo, por lo momentos no, estoy muy bien en, es maravilloso. Solo quiero el regalo por el que estoy participando en un concurso jajaja si no lo gano, esta bien, pero lo quiero ganar, hasta he soñado que lo gano, es horrible despertar y ver que no tengo ese premio

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1 year ago

I'm definitely writing my article to Santa next time

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1 year ago

Yipi!! Looking forward to it!

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1 year ago

Santa's Gift To You: Someone to shovel snow for you! I don't know what it means, but it makes me laugh. I liked these tests :D

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1 year ago

Hahaha I don't know either, and we don't have snow here lol

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1 year ago

Christmas is fast approaching and I can feel it already

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1 year ago

Yes!!! The year came and went very fast.

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1 year ago

Christmas is coming and we can feel its presence. Anyway, I love hot chocolate too, that's the best of the best.

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1 year ago

The smell is in the air, is very distinctive. Hot chocolate, I would have it all year long ❤️

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1 year ago

Indeed, christmas is just around the corner. It's an occation where you get to celebrate together the birth of our savior Jesus Christ together with your family. This blog entry of yours is way too interesting! ❣

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1 year ago

That's right! The best time of the year ❤️ Thank you? Do it, it's fun ❤️

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1 year ago