Work From Home, Reason Or Reality

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One fundamental reason, changing the existence of the world to silence, silence and silence. Civilization is out of control with life patterns like long ago. Starting from the pandemic, the dynamic movement of individuals has turned static. The dominance of the world of work has changed drastically, income levels have decreased as environmental impacts are not harmonious. In this case, humans experience ebb and flow of hard work, we can say that the house is the main nest for protection.

It shouldn't say that pandemics are a matter of course. The instability of life situations leads to tears, sorrow and suffering. In other words, a conducive situation is needed if you want to survive.

For so long facing world turmoil, human existence has been questioned. Arguments, perceptions and assumptions appear in the form of images, animations, videos and gifs. In this case, the expression of the contents of the heart poured out on the media. However, the certainty of the truth is mysterious, in other words the media functions to distort facts.

Hard to guess based on rational, creative minds transforming cutting-edge technology in increasing and maintaining popularity. It can be said, the pandemic situation opens up opportunities for honor.

The intensity of work is needed, the loss of expectations drowns the spirit, affecting the struggle for life that has been built for a long time. Admittedly, humans are only able to inhabit and survive on earth with all the provisions of the universe, without being able to withstand natural disasters. That said, humans are not perfect.

No matter how great the consequences, losing the future does not mean losing life. The most important thing is to survive and continue to survive, the beauty of the name may fade as a result of the situation.

The world may change for one reason, it requires mental strength of steel in dealing with the realities of life.


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