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In essence, human life in the world will experience various life problems in work, relationships, spirituality, internal and external pressures that often attack human life in unexpected times so that physical and psychological defenses tend to weaken which causes humans to feel suffering from illness, falls, boredom, depression and mental stress, even many humans have lost their lives because they are unable to survive the rigors of life's problems.

From the experience of life's problems that have been faced by themselves and also from the life experiences of others as a chronological order that must be studied comprehensively to obtain effective solutions in tackling and overcoming problems that will come to attack everyone's life at an unspecified time.

Like "Prepare an Umbrella Before the Rain" which means to get ready before problems come, like this is an indication to overcome the early symptoms of problems that will come to every human being in situations and positions that make it impossible to avoid life's problems, then one must have a solid foundation strong in the form of "Adaptation".

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Adaptation is an effective way for every human being to cope with the pressures of living in the environment where a person breathes, in its definition adaptation is "adjustment to the environment, work, and lessons" which is meant in this context is when a person able to adapt to the environment then a person has the opportunity to survive without having to fear the threat of problems because he has adapted to the situation and conditions.

A person's habit of adapting is a capital and a strong foundation to overcome the turmoil of life because he can read, know and understand the initial actions that must be taken to overcome future problems, like someone who can avoid the sun then he will go to seek shelter before his skin burnt.

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Every human being who can adapt will be able to respond to changes that will occur in the internal and external environment so that they can survive various problems that come and go, the implementation of appropriate adjustments can reduce and overcome the level of risk of a problem so that we must need maturity in the mindset, digest and analyze everything that will happen by being able to adapt.

Everyone may not be able to know what will happen tomorrow but Worry will be destroyed if it has a mature provision as a solution to overcome problems.


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This should be taught early on. Change is inevitable and we can't always get what we want. Thus, with whatever outcome, we should learn to adapt and move on.

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7 months ago

As they say, it is not the fittest but the ones who can adapt easily. As we progress we should also know how to adapt.

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7 months ago