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Spreading Awareness About BCH: Day 2

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2 months ago
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Yesterday, we got a message from an individual interested in Bitcoin cash. She said she wanted to hear a little more about it and how it could help her. So we're proud to say that we're going to be able to support her, and we're glad she contacted us. This is the first time we have received a message regarding our plan. Early in the morning, I contacted them before we packed our stuff.

It's a perfect day to begin our journey to raise awareness of bitcoin currency. We wake up early in the morning to pack our things. Since we're rushing, we haven't eaten our breakfast because the weather is not that good today, so we'd better hurry up.

Mission for today

We're now moving to a small village near our town to visit our friend who wants to find out about it. I called her my friend because she'd like to be a friend of ours.

So we went to their house and we were surprised because she brought in a lot of people who really wanted to learn. She said they were going to contact us, but we didn't respond. Perhaps it's because before we updated it at this moment, they contacted our old contact information.

Some of them are also teachers, but some of them are only regular people who do not have a job and are looking for some extra revenue. We don't expect that. We have a lot of audiences to deal with.

How do we start our conversation with them?

We were running that morning, as I said earlier, and because of that, we forgot the most important thing we wanted. Do you know what it is? We forgot to bring the laptop with us. But we're going back to the tiny office we did last day and you can see this article if you want to know about that.

Our office is not so far from our current location, so getting back is easy. First, they present themselves, and then we're surprised because some of them are at a professional level, but they're struggling with their finances but because of this pandemic, they can't get a job and some of them just have problems getting a job.

After that, we first discuss the bitcoin cash and how it works and they ask a lot of questions about it and it feels like our heads are about to blow because some of the questions are too difficult to understand. But we're ready for that because we've already planned this, we're prepared for that kind of question.

I'm just summarizing all the things we've done because it would take a lot of space if I put it here directly, so just visualize it and I'm sorry for that.

The Challenge

Okay, by the way, some of them are insulting us, but because we intend to spread the awareness of bitcoin cash so that they can adopt it, we do not take it seriously.

These professionals don't agree with us and they told us that you're just a student, how can we trust you. If you are just learning about it, you can't spread that sort of knowledge. And this time we felt sad, but we're sticking to our goal, so we just keep responding to them.

We know we're just newbies, but we make sure that the data we share is real and that some of it are focused on our experience. By the way, these professionals do not have any experience with cryptocurrencies.

Since we're just targeting students at this time, we're not targeting those people, so we just ignore them and just move on to our subject. And it's almost three hours before the meeting ends, because some of them are laughing when we're talking, and we're just joining them. At the same time, we tried to be polite and serious.

Generous man

A man came to me when we were in the middle of the debate and he said he had something to tell you after this meeting. I spoke to the man after the meeting ended, who interrupted me. He said I have a brilliant idea about spreading Bitcoin cash recognition and he's a trader of cryptocurrencies, that's what he said.

So I'm telling him the whole thing, and that man has been listening from the beginning of the debate. I'm going to help you in your venture, he said, and I'm going to give you some money. Just give me your contact information, or just go to my place to visit me.

He then gave me a phone number but he doesn't want us to show him to other social media because some of the people will just ask for money and it's going to ruin the plan. But he decided that I could include it so that I could keep it anonymous in my post.

At the end of the day

With my team, we went to our office to celebrate our first move and the first experience with a real person. It's really challenging, but it's kind of a cool thing that you can do. We have 4 people who are interested in bitcoin cash after that meeting and they want to know more so that we set up a special meeting for them so we can assist them.

Support Us!

We are looking for suggestions on how to enhance our strategy. Just leave a comment below.


I mentioned in my last article that I'm making a new Youtube channel, but I'm just going to concentrate on our daily mission for now. I'm just going to tell you all about this and thank you for always helping me.

That's it for today, and if you read that line, thank you very much for taking part.

Special Thanks

My last article is performing well and it gains more from other users. Thank you so much, I didn’t expect that.

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Written by   100
2 months ago
Topics: Bitcoin Cash, Personal, Blog, BCH, Goals, ...
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I am new here I was not aware of before it .it will helpful for everyone. Lets spread everywhere BCH noise cash and read cash

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2 months ago

I adore how you conduct spreading awareness about Bitcoin Cash. House to house is really not an easy task. You are a young student with good personality, I hope that you are always stay safe. Digital currency is a new future for our youth today, hopefully mass adoption coming so soon. Maybe I suggest that spread the news at other social media platform about BCH, Like reddit, steemit, instagram, twitter, etc...much cheaper and safe. But keep going and pursue your passion😊

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2 months ago

Nice, is always apreciated the awareness about BCH, great article. Subbed 😁

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2 months ago

Gosh.. will look into BCH and might follow your other articles as well.

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2 months ago