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Why dont IFP fans actually hop on the DASH train?

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1 year ago

DASH which is the earliest Bitcoin fork aimed to provide a P2P Cash from 2014 has a well established community funding system, it is much more advanced to what the IFP is planning.

I wonder why Amaury Sechet would be so stubborn to split BCH to something half as big as DASH while pretending that this would make any constructive sense.

The value which the ABC team could provide to the DASH community, would definitely raise the value of DASH, so if they bought into DASH now, then collectively switched to DASH, they could profit.

If it wouldnt raise the value of DASH, then their team is probably also not very important for BCH.

I suggest that the ABC team simply puts a proposal to the DASH DAO offering their services.

I also ask myself, if DASH was already created in 2014, why has it not been as succesful as BCH even with their funding system?

Why did Amaury Sechet not start building on DASH in 2017 but instead started BCH if community taxes are so important to him?

Was his intention ever since to fuck up the Bitcoin Cash movement? The trojan horse?

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1 year ago

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1 year ago

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1 year ago

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1 year ago