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How to make a purchase using social good?

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5 months ago

Here, we will see how to claim 200 dollar bonus from the social good app as many of us have 200 dollar bonus, 50 dollar bonuses and so on. This social good referral bonus can be withdrawn in the given time period by just going over to our favourite stores.

In this video tutorial, I have made a purchase from Myntra using the Social Good app and hopefully, I will be able to claim these 200 dollar bonuses from here.

Social Good, has been doing an awesome good job while paying its users the cashback that they promised but we also see terrible management from their end. Messy management like no response from their official support team, lack of proper articles, news or regular AMA's, could have made this project more promising. If we summarize all that, it's hard to tell if Social good is really worth it?

Are you using Social Good? What do you think of this app?

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5 months ago
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