Fresh (grads) in the flesh...

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10 months ago

Are you a fresh graduate who just recently finished his/her bachelor's degree from a college or university?

You might hear people say to you "Welcome to the real world!". Funny, because these are the very words that I was thrown at when I was in your very situation. Why is it called the real world? Does it mean that the university isn't? I thought effective learning should be experiential, it should at least give us a glimpse of the "real world" if not experience it.

Anyway, enough of the reflective questions about what an excellent education should be. I just wanna share with you an important tip in your journey toward the "real world".


You might argue that you've been preparing your whole life for this. I guess, you do. However, remember that I'm not talking about the graduation ceremony where you need to prepare for your attire, etc. I am talking about how you should be physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially prepared (unfortunately).

  • To be physically prepared means that your body should be willing to undergo certain differences in what you've been used to doing, for example, when you spend long nights "studying" (and cramming) for an exam. Lol.

  • To be emotionally prepared means accepting the things that you can't control. For example, you have to understand and accept that not all the companies that you've applied for work will give you a callback, it's good if they do, but if all the companies that you've applied for work give you a callback, you should be emotionally (and mentally) prepared to weigh which company would help you in your professional and personal endeavors. Moreover, to be emotionally prepared also means that you think about each opportunity that presents itself to you, sometimes there's an available opportunity that you might think is okay, but might lead you to so much stress when you go its way.

  • To be mentally prepared means going to a job interview with the knowledge of what the company is, the position which you're applying for, etc. It also means being able to practice simulating job interviews - rehearsing to answer certain questions that might be asked during the interview. You might want to ask other people about their experience, especially those who are working in the same or similar company.

  • Being financially prepared is also a must. You won't be able to go to a job interview if you don't have the appropriate attire, legal documents, and fare to go there. By the way, if you're a fresh graduate from the Philippines, and you need to acquire some legal documents, I've come across this FB post about you getting it all for free, only needing to present a certification from your barangay. Here is the link -

    I am not sure if this works, but there's no harm in trying, right? Good luck!

Maybe now you're asking, is that it? I know it looks so simple, my friend, but I also know there is a fear that can creep inside your head. It is all uncertain, I know, for sure. You might argue, that I am not ready yet. By all means, take a gap year (or two) if you have the capability to do so... but just as my high school best friend said when she published a book...

"There's no such thing as ready... only willing."

I hope you're willing to take a chance, you might think of yourself as "only" a fresh (grad) in the flesh, but you can do great things, just take that single step. God bless you!

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10 months ago


That single step will go a long way. During our time , University or College life was a sure start up or training for the real world. Being able to mingle with different kinds of people from all walks of life but due to pandemic that was omitted from the young gens of today. So, pressure and apprehension is at it's highest for the new graduates.

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10 months ago

I can relate with you. My younger sister is graduating from her university this August. She's actually my inspiration in this article, I hope she'll be able to make it!

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10 months ago