Emotional distress

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I used to go to private school by a road. 
Every time I went to school I saw a girl. It was good to see and hear. 
It is understood when I see a girl from a big house. I could see her 
almost every day. Sometimes she would look at me and smile. But I could 
not find any meaning of laughter. I forgot to introduce myself. I choose. 
We are two brothers. We live in a middle class family. There is a grocery 
store in front of the girl's house. Me, Dipta and Shilon, these three friends 
used to go to that shop and hang out sometimes. When we used to hang out in 
that shop, the girl would stand on their balcony. You may think I love the girl. 
Actually nothing. I just went to chat. So that time passes. The girl may also 
think I go to the front of their house to see the girl. Or go behind her to 
see her. In fact, the girl is beautiful, but I take her. I didn't think of 
anything. I absolutely dislike making love again. There are enough reasons 
behind it. In fact, it is not what you think. You may think that I don't like 
love because I have eaten chaka. I don't have any mentality to love. Today I 
went to the shop to chat again with three friends. As usual, I still see the 
girl standing on their balcony. So the three of us were chatting.

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