The Miracle of Hanoi: 10 years later (Part 2)

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Pub Mode during the AFC Asian Cup 2019

From my previous article (click or tap here to read more), I discussed the previous meetings of the Golden Dragons and the Azkals. Also their achievements from the last decade. Now, let's talk about the current state of the sport. Let's proceed.

Football or Basketball?

There were debates on what is the more popular and better sport for Filipinos? Football or Basketball? It will be an endless debacle on which either of the two. I know that my country is a hoop nation and with its current state, football is now becoming popular, from our local division league (the United Football League (2010 - 2016) and the Philippines Football League (2017 - Present)) the Philam Life 7s Football League (our local Sunday league), and other local leagues were established in the provinces.

With the establishment of the local leagues, people are now getting interested in the sport from football clinics, and gain knowledge of how the sport works, to new investors for all football clubs, even with the creation of different fan groups (for the players) and the Ultras movement.

We stood by with the national team and our local football clubs for the past 10 years through the good and bad times. Football unites us as a nation, and I guess it is time for me to pass on what I learned from this movement so the new generation would feel how it is to be at the top of the world, have a great sense of national pride & patriotism for our motherland.

Influencers, Vloggers, and Columnists tried to promote the sport. With their efforts, football is still alive, and with the current situation right now the organizers proceeded with the resume of the Philippine Football League (which I discussed this from my previous article) in a bubble-protected environment, and fans/supporters group are not allowed to enter within the premises.

The Azkals 2010 roster. Image Source:

For this year's edition of the AFF Suzuki Cup, it was postponed and was moved for the following year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. On the given image above, the majority of the 2010 roster are now retired, but some decided to leave the team except for Neil Etheridge (Middle - Blue Kit), Goalkeeper of Birmingham City, currently playing for the English Premier League and still part of the national team. I guess we'll need to discuss this at some other time. So stay tuned for the continuation of this article.


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