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Food Card - Incredible initiative in Belgaum, India

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1 year ago

There has been this amazing new initiate in a town called Belgaum in the Southern part of India which is worth everyone's attention. As you guys are aware, there are a lot of poor people in India and a lot of them are on the streets begging for food. A lot of people even though they have a lot of spare money and spare change, don't give them out to the beggars because they fear that the money will not be used to fill their stomachs, rather these people would just take it and buy alcohol which is a huge problem. So, it avoid this, it seems like the town of Belgaum has introduced food stamps which will stop the misuse of money and if someone is really begging for food, people can give the beggars food stamps which they can then use to go to any place which accepts these stamps and eat and not starve.

Things like these are amazing innovations which really take societies forward and are incredible ways to fight extreme poverty in the world.

I think initiatives like these deserve more attention and also need to be talked about a lot more. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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