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Abu Dhabi's first Hindu temple

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1 year ago
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This is the site where Abu Dhabi's first Hindu temple is being built! The temple will open in the year 2023 and will welcome people from all over the world and all faiths. Construction is underway in Abu Mureikha. Currently the foundation is being laid out where the temple will be built. At the same time in the Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujarat, 2000 craftsmen are making sculptures with marbles and stones and once they are ready, they will be transported to the UAE in April this year. These sculptures are going to revive 10,000 years of art and architecture in the UAE.

Built without using steel and iron, this will be the first Hindu temple built with stone in the UAE. The outer side will be made using pink sandstone from India and the interiors will be made using Italian marble. The temple will be around 55,000 square meters and will also include a large amphitheater, an exhibition hall, a library, a food court and many more.

More about this stunning temple including the visuals in the video below.

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