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2021 Explore the Happy Country Vanuatu

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This is paradise, the home of the people of Vanuatu!

Vanuatu, located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, close to Australia and New Zealand, is composed of 83 islands and has been twice named "the happiest place in the world" by the British New Economic Foundation.

As a popular tourist destination for tourists from all over the world, Vanuatu has been recommended as one of the top ten must-see destinations by the world-renowned travel magazine "Lonely Planet"!

Here's a list of these fun travel experiences for you!

1 The only underwater post office in the world

Located under the seabed near Hideaway Beach in Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu, there is a unique underwater post office in the world. Since its opening in May 2003, four Vanuatu post employees have worked here. When the salesman collects mail at the underwater post office, colorful tropical fish swim around him.

Diving tourists can come here to mail waterproof postcards, and the salesman stamps their postcards. Instead of stamping with traditional ink, they stamp them with a postmark with an embossed pattern, printing a special embossed mark to indicate that the postcard has been mailed.

Yasur Volcano

Volcano Yasur is located on the island of Tana, Vanuatu. Mount Yasur is the only active volcano in the world where you can stand on a volcanic rim and watch magma erupt. The 1,300-foot-wide (about 396 meters) circular crater has been erupting continuously for centuries, and at its most active, it can erupt several times an hour.

This volcano is 1,184 feet high (about 361 meters) and is known as the world's "most accessible active volcano" because the lava that comes out is mostly straight up and down and rarely escapes in an oblique direction, generally without harming visitors.

Rare ancient tribes and aborigines in the world

In Vanuatu, you can experience the only aboriginal culture in the world that has not been affected by modern civilization. The "naked tribe" are the aboriginal people living in Vanuatu, because of the high temperature all year round, this tribe only uses grass and leaves to cover key parts of the body, and the upper body is naked.

They live in thatched huts, sit on the ground, sleep anywhere, and hunt and pick fruit for a living, except for a small amount of farming and breeding. The people in the tribe are good at singing and dancing, and especially the children naturally show a simple and innocent smile, which makes you feel that they have the purest, most peaceful, and perfect soul in the world that is closest to nature.

Blue Hole

The Blue Cave is a cave in the sea . In the morning, accompanied by the warm sunshine, personally dive into the warm water and start a colorful underwater adventure. The sunlight penetrating the surface of the water illuminates the coral reefs of various shapes in it more colorful. At noon, as the tide gradually rises, the originally clearly visible blue hole is gradually hidden in the vast ocean.

"Standing on the edge of the Matevulu Blue Hole is like finding a fragment of heaven." It's not hard to understand why the famous Hollywood actress and Oscar winner Cate Blanchett chose to buy her vacation villa here!

Diving Paradise

Vanuatu is known as a "diving paradise. The SS President Coolidge near the beach of Espiritu Santo Island in Vanuatu is the world's largest shipwreck and one of the world's most ideal shipwreck diving sites. The ship was once a giant of the sea. It is like a time capsule that seals the memories belonging to that era long ago in the sea. In addition to the SS President Coolidge, the abundant underwater life near the sunken ship is also a major factor that attracts diving enthusiasts.

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Written by   59
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Topics: Travel
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Very informative! I wish you had included more photos, though.

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