Eco-friendliness fashion: the advantages of cork products.

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The cork oak is one of the unspoken symbols of Portugal. This country is the leader in the production of cork oak bark. You definitely met this material when you opened a bottle of wine for a holiday. But recently, all over the world, fashion has spread for a variety of cork products. In this article, you will learn what the benefits of clothing and other products made from balsa bark are.

What is cork?

If you walked the streets of Portuguese towns, you might have noticed many shops and stalls with cork products along the way. Bags, umbrellas, shoes and even clothes made from oak bark are no longer a novelty for Europe.

Cork is a natural material that is recyclable and therefore absolutely eco-friendly. They get it, you guessed it, from the bark of the cork oak. But the tree itself does not suffer from this. The fact is that the oak is not killed, but only the bark is removed from it. They do this only once every 9 years, because that is how much time it takes for the complete restoration of the top layer.

Why balsa products are good: the benefits of cork?

Why do balsa products deserve your attention and why have they won fans around the world? It's all about their advantages and uniqueness, which other products cannot promise.

Pluses of cork products:

100% natural material. In the process of its manufacture, no additional adhesives are even used, since the cork already contains natural glue - suberin. The hypoallergenicity of the cork allows even small children to use and wear products made of this material. By the way, babies can use it in games, because it does not emit or absorb synthetic substances. The lightness of the material is another plus of cork, which can be appreciated by modern women of fashion. Cork is 50% air, so bags, hats and umbrellas made of it are literally weightless.

Elasticity allows products to withstand high pressure and not break. The thing will simply deform and then regain its shape when the pressure disappears. The cork has a low conductivity to heat, noise and vibration, therefore it is used even in the construction of houses. Waterproof and moisture resistant makes cork a very durable material. It is not subject to rotting and decay. Fire resistance is another reason why cork has become widely used in home construction.

Easy to care for. To care for clothes, accessories or other cork products, you only need a damp cloth and soap. By the way, the thing will not deteriorate from this in any way and will retain its original appearance. It is hard to believe that cork combines so many advantages, but they are what make it such a unique material. As you can see, it is completely safe for both the environment and human health, which explains its recent demand. Another interesting fact: every cork tree is registered and monitored. For illegal felling of oak, you can thunder into prison for several years.

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