What I learned from the donation of Marc De Mesel: Eyes of a newbie on the platform!

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2 years ago

"People donate to things that create value in the community".

I am a newbie on the platform and I could say on my journey across crypto space that never heard that someone donated $100,000 to a project with no second intentions at all, just wanted to see people sharing content that add value to the platform and bring more people to join the site. This is new and I believe that @MarcDeMesel doing that gave a "heavy and wonderful" example how to bring value to a project, of course the donation isn't throwing away money, not at all, he's investing!

Many won't see that donation as investment, but after reading almost 3 articles on the platform about him, I believe that he is magnanimous and have vision, the donation will bring more awareness to read.cash, more people will be earning money (in Bitcoin Cash asset) just for publishing valuable content on the platform, all those movements somehow will give value to the asset (that he owns as investment) and bring more people to the platform (there will be more people using Bitcoin Cash) with that increasing worldwide number of wallets.

That will bring more liquidity to Bitcoin Cash and more will be learning about on the platform.

I rode also many articles on the platform about BCH projects, but frankly speaking, those guys are fighting for territory and want to somehow be the owners of Bitcoin Cash (my opinion, and I believe my be respected) and knowing that isn't possible create some kind of noise on the community, bring awareness to Bitcoin Cash, but mostly bring discussion that mostly speaks about technical aspects of the asset with topics that most don't even understand, and even this guys being appreciated by the read.cash angel with "fat portions" in Bitcoin Cash, just showing he's working hard to develop the asset no matter what... Interesting!

The national @MarcDeMesel isn't just a merely donor, right now is the best person with really intention to see read.cash evolute, and spread the word about,he is not alone in the quest but will all donators who make this platform grows daily will forever remembered as the pioneers Investors of the read.cash, a platform working to pay each content creator Bitcoin Cash, a coin with just 3 years on market with huge to accomplish!

Mister @MarcDeMesel you are a Heroe, will be remembered as the one who gave $100,000 to help anyone in the world just to have some BCH just sharing awesome material on read.cash. Salute!

Have great Day 😘.

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2 years ago


The article is cool for a newbie, I believe you will enjoy the platform!

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