Sweatcoin - Get paid for walking, now with Crypto rewards!

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I had used this app a while back when it used to pay out rewards for walking but it was not in the form of crypto. It was just gift cards or some special items you could buy off the market place but I saw a Brave ad recently for this and it looks like they have converted their rewards to be a crypto token and they're finally on the blockchain!

If you want to sign up, you can use my link below, i'm sure there would be some benefits to using the link


I don't know too many details about this but I did see some NEAR protocol references on their website so I am thinking the token would be on the NEAR blockchain!

This app has been an incredibly successful app on the app stores and seems like they have some pretty big partnerships with NHS in the UK etc so it's definitely worth a try!

I had actively used this app till about January 2021 and I didn't find a good product to cash out so I donated the 6000 or so Sweatcoins I had (before they were moved on chain) to a charity Look after Madagascar's threatened species in January last year.

Even if those tokens were worth something now, I have zero regrets because I donated the money to a good cause.

If you end up using the app or know more about it, please let us know so everyone here also benefits from it!

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