The Peaceful World I Dreamed of

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Sometimes people are ashamed of being in the same world with the bad people they live in, sharing the atmosphere and breathing the same breath. It is very bad to feel like there is nothing you can do to remain silent about the persecution. Knowing that some people out there are suffering and helpless, wishing well for them without knowing them is slowly consuming my will to survive. I want a fair life and a fair world for everyone. I dream of a world where there is no war in any corner of the world, where all people live in fraternity, where they never doubt each other, do not break their hearts, do not lie...

I want to turn on the news one day and the announcer will say: "Dear audience, we are happy to say that there is no news we can give you today, the only thing we can offer you this evening is the video recording we watched from the world you will watch soon, I wish you a pleasant watching." and then people's happy smiling faces, running children, flying balloons, lovers walking hand in hand at sunset, crying tears of happiness, a nigger and a white boy running hand in hand... Come on, think about it, wouldn't it be nice? I know you want it too A world like this. Well, then I ask you to think for a few minutes about what I have done for such a world. What have I added from myself to the universe I live in. What have I given to my loved ones. How much of my energy have I spared for anger and how much for love. It is my duty in this universe How much have I fulfilled? Please question and ask your inner core. Give yourself honest answers. Think about your hateful moments. For example, think about who broke your heart last. See if you have anything left behind. Or have you changed someone? Could you have destroyed his self-confidence, his trust in people?

We always look at things from our own side. We always want things to go smoothly. We are impatient, we are angry at everything, everyone. We suddenly get angry, we are always nervous. We always get zero from the life test.

While there are so many good things in our life, we always get stuck on what is not. We are prisoners of unjustified troubles. We can't manage to be thankful for what we have. We don't know the art of living. We always expect to be understood, we don't understand anyone. We don't want to understand. which is the whole world? What cannot be shared? Is it a world entity that you can never truly belong to?

We will heal the world. We will also leave a beautiful heart, we will leave a hope for goodness in the hearts.

Despite all the bad things that are happening in the world, I wholeheartedly believe and even know that there are still good people. There are also hidden heroes that we do not know. I know them too. Those who help the poor and the poor, who give an invisible hand to the people and children of the wounded and war-torn countries... GOOD PEOPLE STILL EXISTS, I KNOW .The world is still a livable place thanks to such people.

I'm going to recommend you something. But do it at least once, okay? and feel that energy spreading within you, you will realize that you are smiling involuntarily. Once you do it, I'm sure the rest will come.

That's it 🙂 I just wanted to write them to you. Afterwards, I can say for myself;

Who; In the name of Peace, in the name of Love, in the name of Humanity, if he takes attendance, I; 'I am her'

I wish good people to be too many to show with fingers and kisses from all of your hearts, my brothers, my species, the beautiful people with whom I share the same house (the world), greetings to all of you.

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