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Crescent Cash is now available on F-Droid!

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3 months ago

Hey everyone!

This announcement has been a long time in the making, but I am happy to announce that Crescent Cash is now available on F-Droid!

For those that do not know, F-Droid is an open-source app store featuring open-source apps.

You can download Crescent Cash from here now, and not have to go through the Google Play Store.


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What a good development! "Monotony kills interest, but variety is the spice of life". A new trend in Apps store development.

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2 months ago

Congrats pokkst! Would give you a tip, but the wallet is broken again. =(

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3 months ago

I really like this 👍

edit: one feature I would appreciate would be a fiat display (up on the corner somewhere) when in BCH mode .. often times, I can't remember how many 0.000s to add to my micro txs; which adds a bit of anxiety when I make that slide to send tips

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3 months ago