Learn to respect yourself!

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2 years ago

Learn to respect yourself by discarding everything that tramples on your value, anyone who diminishes it and plays with it.

Learn to respect yourself so you don’t ignore the fact that people treat you. If they respect and appreciate you you will know that these are the people who need to stay in your life, but if they don’t they are a sign that you need to replace your team and look for some better experiences near other people.

Learn to respect yourself so that you will not give excuses to those who have a bad day and therefore have to destroy it for you as well. Weaknesses are those who cannot allow another to be good when they are bad. So learn to respect yourself so that you will not be afraid to be different from others. Who told you you had to be the same? How will this bring any added value to your life? The only thing that is certain is that it is a path to an inner feeling of dissatisfaction.

Learn to respect yourself by starting to think more about the purpose of your life, to realize that you are not just a casual passerby, to wonder what only you can do, what fire burns so much in your heart, to think about your goals and understand that you no one can get there except yourself. Learn to respect yourself by not lowering the price of your abilities by giving free to others to finally realize that you have been exploited and deceived.

Learn to respect yourself by telling the truth and asking others for it. All the masks that come into your life, even the masks of people called friends as well as those of others you will take with a grain of salt until those behind them show up. Learn to respect yourself by finding those people who know you are not perfect but treat you as if they are and you will treat them the same way. Learn to respect yourself and others will follow your example!

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