Things that the Brazilian crisis taught us

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things that the Brazilian crisis taught us

The economic crisis that Brazil has been going through in recent years, added to the very serious supply crisis, a consequence of the truck drivers' strike that took place at the end of May this year, made us stop to think that digital nomadism, in fact, is more than just that a lifestyle is more than a choice, but the way out to a more balanced and sustainable world.

To be a digital nomad is to get rid of a limiting, stressful system that has shown itself to be increasingly fragile. We made a list of 5 things we learned from the Brazilian crisis and that only served to reinforce our certainty that digital nomadism is the way to go!

1. Being a digital nomad is not depending on any means of transport and this is liberating

There are several types of digital nomads: those who continue to live in their homes, but start working remotely; those who spend all their time traveling and keep their whole lives in a backpack and; those who like to live every hour in one place, but prefer to stay longer, months, sometimes years. We are not saying that when you become a digital nomad you will never need to use any form of transport again because that is impossible. But, yes, you will no longer have to commute to the office at the same time every day and that is freedom. If something happens (and many things can happen), you won't have that kind of worry anymore, you can work from your own home or anywhere else you want, without being an imposition, but for the simple pleasure.

2. You can have multiple sources of income

It is very common for people to ask if we are not afraid of working as digital nomads, questioning the “lack of security” we have as if a job with a formal contract was synonymous with security. We never agreed with this, but the crisis has shown us that a work contract doesn't mean much, as anyone can be fired at any time, no matter how high the position. What's more, when you work as a freelancer and digital nomad, you can have multiple sources of income, multiple clients and this will not only increase your earnings, it will provide you with more security and financial stability. Yes, it is possible to earn a lot of money being a digital nomad.

3. Being a digital nomad can make us spend less

Digital nomads also like to make money and can make a lot of money, but when we start living this lifestyle, we naturally become more thrifty beings. Just the fact of not needing a car, gas or paying for any other means of transport, as we work from home (wherever it is), teaches us how unnecessary this commute to the office or to hold meetings is that we all know that can be done via skype or other tools. This is just one of the savings we make because when we live in digital nomadism we start to see the world and its resources differently, we no longer see so much need to consume, buy and spend on superfluous items.

4. Digital nomadism teaches that it is possible to live (and very well!) outside the system

We live in a capitalist system and we are not saying that we want or that we should live outside of it. Quite the contrary, we want to show you that it's possible to make a lot of money being a digital nomad, but that you don't need to be part of the traditional work system, boss, endless meetings, company, and slapstick. Many people think that they would not be able to be a digital nomad because they are afraid of getting lost in times and deadlines and not being able to do their own routine. If you are not an organized person you will have to find ways to organize yourself, but that is not impossible and can show you how powerful you are. Everyone can be a digital nomad, create their own work routine, and deal with the demands that arise. In the beginning, it may be a fear, but over time we realize how limiting the traditional system is and the wonders that happen when we get rid of it.

5. Being a digital nomad is being resilient and in the world, we live in this is gold

Digital nomadism has also taught us that the less rigid we are, the more easily we will adapt to the world and change. The world is in constant motion, it changes and will continue to change, whether we like it or not. Digital nomadism teaches us to deal with these changes, with the inconstancies of life, with the eternal movement of going up and down, and with this, we become more resilient, we learn to no longer fear these changes, but to embrace them. Many people are afraid to change and think that by living in the traditional ways, they will be safer. Really? What is security for you? It all depends on how we see life and we, digital nomads, see it as a river in constant motion. You must be aware of it and know how to swim with the current. The world is showing that digital nomadism is no longer a trend. and the sooner we adapt to this lifestyle, the faster we will be free.

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I must say that the Brazilian crises taught you the things you really need to have known. One shouldn't base ones income on a source. And you rally need to be wise in spending. Weldone.

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