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The cryptocurrency market is a high risk market

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The cryptocurrency market is a high risk market, so do your own research before investing

• You are solely responsible for your gain and loss

• We never promise anyone profits

The cryptocurrency market is a high risk market

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AXS the Secrect

The largest investment analysis house in the country couldn't be left out of the macrocosm of cryptocurrencies. Relating the demands of the fiscal request, Empiricus developed two series on digital means with specialist André Franco.

Unlike utmost current “ experts”, André Franco isn't just a YouTube trainer. The professional has formerly entered several awards for his performance, being tagged one of the most influential cryptocurrency judges in Brazil by Coin Telegraph.

With around subscribers, the two series led by Franco had a combined return of over in the last 4 times. As a result, subscribers who followed the series'recommendations portfolio to the letter throughout this period multiplied by 30 times the quantum invested.

Crypto Legacy has a more moderate line, fastening on digital coins that are formerly known and have a advanced request value, similar as Bitcoin. Exponential Coins, in turn, follows a more aggressive line, investing in little-given digital currencies, but which have a good eventuality for appreciation.

In charge of the two series, critic André Franco selects the stylish investment openings among further than types of cryptocurrencies, and AXS has been standing out among the recommendations.

Then is a summary of one of the digital means that appreciated the most in 2021 and understand why AXS is a good investment.

Meet the AXS the cryptocurrency recommended by Empiricus

Launched in November 2020, AXS is a token developed to serve as a logrolling chip in Axie Perpetuity, an “ earn to play” style game. In the game, produced by incipiency Sky Mavis in 2018, the asset is used to produce new characters, who battle against brigades of other players.

Since its launch lower than a time ago, the cryptocurrency has formerly appreciated further than in the time, making it one of the most promising cryptocurrencies at the moment. The upside eventuality is linked both to the fashionability of the game, which formerly moves millions of bones, as well as other characteristics of the asset.

One of the secrets of this cryptocurrency is that it's part of theNon-Fungible Commemoratives (NFTs) class. Unlike Fungibles, these means are unique and irreplaceable, as they're connected to a Blockchain network, the source book that records the deals of all cryptocurrencies.

Precisely because of this game's connection to a Blockchain network, NFTs are decentralized, which means that, formerly bought, all game particulars and characters are exclusive to the player. This decentralization, together with the capability to trade with other gamers, created an internal frugality grounded solely on the in- game currency, the AXS.

Another advantage of cryptocurrency, which further increases its valuation eventuality, lies in the means of accession and in the means'out-of- game functionality. Read on and understand better.

Why does AXS attract so numerous investors?

One of the great advantages of AXS, and another reason for its huge upside eventuality, is that you do not have to be a player to buy it. As with other means, you can buy cryptocurrency from a broker.

In addition to being used as a logrolling chip within Axie Perpetuity, AXS also has some functions outside of the game. The first is staking, in which the investor holds the asset for a time after the accession in exchange for prices offered by the inventor.

Another advantage of acquiring AXS is governance, which guarantees asset possessors active participation in game opinions. In this sense, decision- making power is commensurable to the quantum of power.


Therefore, the asset appreciates both with the entry of new Axie Perpetuity players, who need the currency to evolve in the game, and with the number of investors who buy the currency. Indeed, Sky Mavis has formerly revealed plans to increase the possibilities of using AXS in game expansions and external operations to continue to attract druggies and buyers.

With growth exceeding in 2021 alone, the anticipation is that the currency will appreciate indeed more thanks to these inventor pledges. Below, check out what the critic André Franco himself is saying about the AXS.

Read on to check everything that the subscription guarantees and understand if the Empiricus Crypto Legacy is really good.

What do you get by subscribing to Crypto Legacy?

Anyone who wants to multiply equity by investing in cryptocurrencies needs to understand that big earnings take time and no critic works cautions. Likewise, you have a better chance of return by diversifying your portfolio, that is, laying on different means.

So, in addition to simply following the critic's recommendations, you need to understand how this request works. Devoted to everyone who wants to invest in the world of cryptocurrencies, the subscription offers coffers that will help you learn about this modality


Anyone with the fewest interest in the stock request and in investments has formerly realized the applicability of cryptocurrencies. Still, as it's a fairly recent investment modality (it only officially was in 2009), several dubieties arise about this type of asset, but fortunately there are courses and subscriptions that can help you understand it. In this composition, we will tell you if the Empiricus Crypto Legacy subscription is worthwhile and if it offers a good return.

Digitization is a global trend in all sectors, including the frugality and the fiscal request. In fact, the Stock Exchange works fully digitally and cryptocurrencies are a means of payment used by numerous investors. For this reason, further and further people are relating the eventuality of investing in these currencies.

With over subscribers, Empiricus'Crypto Legacy series recommends the most promising openings of all digital currencies, as well as showing you the bones you should not invest in.

The critic responsible for all the content of the series, from recommendations to redundant features, is André Franco, who's also in charge of the Exponential Coins subscription. Graduated in mechatronics negotiating from USP, the professional formerly has some times of experience in cryptocurrencies.

The ideal of Empiricus'Crypto Legacy series is to partake the stylish openings in digital currencies to multiply subscribers' wealth. Therefore, he suggests several strategies for anyone to invest like a professional, whether educated or freshman.

For this, the critic presents a macro view of the macrocosm of cryptocurrencies, addressing the origin of the asset, the different currencies and their earning eventuality.

Although they were formerly on the rise, the epidemic was largely responsible for revealing the eventuality of cryptocurrencies. The main digital currency, bitcoin (BTC), appreciated 420 in reais last time, being tagged the most profitable investment of 2020, according to Valor Econômico, Therefore, while several conduct had wrong results as a result of the epidemic, digital coins were a positive surprise.

of investment.

Below, check out everything that's included in the Empiricus Crypto Legacy subscription.

Freshman's Roadmap Numerous subscribers have their first contact with cryptocurrencies in this series. In support of newcomers, the critic shares vids with a complete companion to the way you need to take to make investments in the digital currencies of your choice.

Weekly reports every week, subscribers have access to a different report on a content applicable to the cryptoactive request. The contents are developed taking into account the investment profile of each one and also contemplates any openings that may arise during this period.

Complete portfolios subscribers also admit a recommendation for a portfolio made up of several means, with instructions on how to invest the plutocrat safely and with proper threat control.

Blacklist In addition to recommending the most promising cryptoactives, the subscription also includes a list of all those you should ignore, as it poses a threat that outweighs the possibility of gain. Presently, the Stock Exchange has further than means in the cryptocurrency request and, of course, not all are indicated.

CryptoXpress ® course the subscription also guarantees access to a complete course that covers everything a good investor needs to know to be successful in the digital currency request, covering important generalities and data analysis.

Mistrustfulness shifts weekly, subscribers can also share in a live donut shift with the critic. So, you do not need to accumulate dubieties and have all the answers inside the platform itself.

Telegram Chat By subscribing to the series, you also have access to an exclusive Telegram group, where the responsible critic notifies subscribers of important updates to the series. So you do not lose any content.

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