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Help me to spread awareness about Bitcoin Cash in Brazil - Flipstarter Campaign

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1 week ago

Hello Everyone, I've started a Flipstarter campaign to collect the total amount of 19BCH to use it to spread awareness about Bitcoin Cash in Brazil, the full details will be described above.

Thank you all for the amazing support :)

Help me to spread awareness about Bitcoin Cash in Brazil - The Bitcoin Cash Brazil Initiative

Hello Everyone, My Name is Antonio, you may know me as @phabulu on or @shadowcrypto on twitter and YouTube. Recently I’ve started to build a BCH community in Brazil a totally voluntary work to help increase awareness and adoption of my favorite cryptocurrency, and it’s not only this, recently I’ve made a speech at the Biggest cryptocurrency event of South America, the Bitconf: an event with more than 1500 people, related to cryptocurrency, sharing ideas, learning new things and more.

At bitconf I talked about BCH as a everyday payment cryptocurrency, SLP protocol, Cash Fusion, Fees, development and more, including the upcoming fork because of the IFP.

At bitconf I’ve organized a BCH meetup too. It's important to do those kinds of works. I'm not a developer, but I do represent the biggest part of the BCH ecosystem, The users.

A lot of good Flipstarter Campaign was made to develop solutions for BCH, but here I’m doing a community focused campaign, I want to make a big community here, growing our adoption.

“Building a community around the technology is just as important as building the technology itself.” - Roger Ver


Building a community, to get people interested in BCH together, sharing information and thoughts, bringing new people to the ecosystem.

Translations for electron cash (wallet), Flipstarter, BCHN, on my

SLP explorer translation into Portuguese.

What is Bitcoin Cash, video from, translated, revised and dubbed to Portuguese.

Contacting merchants and online services providers(that already accept BTC) presenting BCH as a payment method.

Online and Outside Meetu up for the community.

Spreading awareness about BCH on events ( the first was Bitconf, I want to go to more events like this, this is one reason for this Flipstarter Campaign).

I’m a public person, infos to my personal profiles will be available at the end of this page :)


As we can see, on BCH all the funds are voluntary, created by the community, and this is the only way to get funds to make things happens, on Brazil we have around 8% of the population that hold any cryptocurrency, this is around 16 Millions of users and we need to reach then.

  1. young population (average age is 32 yo)

  2. high proportion of crypto holders (8.2% of total population)

  3. Legal crypto exchanges with links to local banks

  4. Wide spread of mobile/online banking (82%)

  5. Regulated crypto services (you can pay bills and more, not with BCH yet)

Lack of Community and initiatives.

Due to low initiatives here, we don’t see BCH in the mainstream, here are some players that are getting more engagement day by day.







Dash Place at Bitconf:  I want to do something like this for BCH too

"Dash has a funding mechanism to pay for something like you showed in the picture. for bch, someone would have to donate their time and money to have something like that"

And the reason is, community, and some of those coins got funds, from dev funds, from donations etc, and you can always see those same guys in all crypto events and platforms, growing community and adoption, more merchants everyday, and BCH is staying behind, in 3rd world countries, cryptocurrencies are so far the biggest revolution to use our money, and Bitcoin Cash have everything to be one of the most used cryptos here.


Here in Brazil for example we have some excellent services like KaMoney, This website is the biggest of this segment on Brazil, accepting, BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, DOGE, and list goes on, but guess what, Bitcoin Cash is not there, you can check it here: Created in 2017, with the aim of bringing to the national market, greater flexibility in payments using cryptocurrencies. In a market that is currently dominated by the use of Bitcoin, Kamoney sought to expand the possibilities. How can we get more adoption if it’s even possible to pay one bill with it? I’ve a solution for that too. I have already talked with the CTO of Kamoney to Get BCH as a payment there, but we need to more people involved so they can evaluate better, I’ve already got a nice response from they, for now I just need to work, once we get a bigger community the BCH listing there will guaranteed. On Kamoney You can pay bills, phone credit, uber, bank transfers, everything that you can do with fiat money, but paying directly with Cryptocurrency.


Well, I’ve started alone with all this crazy work, and going to live events like bitconf have more impact towards awareness, and I want to go into 5 different states in Brazil, on cryptocurrency Events to make speeches about BCH and communities meetups. Dash and Decreed have a big community fund, and you can see youtubers, news, partners, everywhere.

I'm asking for 19 BCH (~$4000) to fund this initiative and for 3 months, I'll be in this with intensive work, dedicating most of my time into it, including weekends where most of the events happens. I don’t need a lot of BCH to start making some great works for the community, I’ve made an evaluation about the spences and how the BCH will be used, everything is described below:



Here is the brief on how I’ll spend the funds of this flipstarter campaign(if I reach the goal)


I’ll be working on my Channel ShadowCrypto weekly, making a brief about the biggest crypto news of the week, but totally sponsored by BCH and more focused in showing the news from Bitcoin Cash, Upgrades, news, and more. I want to include some video explaining Bitcoin Cash, Cash Fusion, SLP, and website powered by Bitcoin Cash like, flipstarter,, and more, for 3 months. I’m getting around 1k views on each of my videos(right now), organic from real users with engagement, I usually ask 80$ for doing videos on my channel, with this funding I'm planning to do around 20+ videos about BCH, including some voice overs and a few animations. Rodrigo Digital(sponsored by dash) he does something like this, you can check on his channel how it works, and he is funded by Dash.


Bitconf in the biggest cryptocurrency event in Brazil and South America, we have an livestream edition, which is made 2 times per year(more if there is a main sponsor), totally online, with speeches, community meetups and more, the total value of 4 BCH can get us as a main sponsor of the event, the Bitconf Live is Made by the owner of the Biggest cryptocurrency group in Brazil, “Bitcoin brasil group” actually have more than 150K members, and the live events reach up to 10k People on the livestream, and more thousands after the end of the event(since it become available online.


Like the presencial event, the impact is bigger, and more, I get in touch directly with merchants, services providers, exchanges, and more, this is a important step, we don’t have any representant for BCH here, and I’ll do this work, going into 5 different states on Brazil, to be part of those events and make speech about BCH and get contacts. On average the costs to be attending at those event is around 2 BCH each, and my plan is to go in 4 different events across my country.


This is something to grow the community, by sharing flyers, business cards about BitcoinCash and our group so we can reach even more people. domain is already mine, I’ll be working with a developer to create a website page like but in portuguese and with links directly to our communities.

All the work done will be documented on my

Let’s do this and make BCH more mainstream here, we need more merchants, more ways to use our crypto, everywhere, Brazil is a big country, and I’ll do my best to ,ake this campaign worth and i’ll be putting my energy in the next 3 months, to build a great community around BCH.

$ 100.51
$ 100.00 from @RogerVer
$ 0.50 from @ErdoganTalk
$ 0.01 from @arruah
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Written by   97
1 week ago
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Thank you for the information

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1 week ago

I tried to donate through the flipstarter, but it seems broken:

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User's avatar RogerVer
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1 week ago

It's working now, you can try again if you want :) Thanks for the support, see you next year here at Bitconf :)

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1 week ago

Thank you Roger, I'm looking into this issue right now

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1 week ago

Good luck phabulu, I believe your past efforts in Bitcoin Cash should get your flipstarter funded without much problems!

I'll be pledging a bit in a short while.

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User's avatar btcfork
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1 week ago

Got your pledge, thank you so much for the support :)

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1 week ago

Told you it would get funded without much problems ;-)


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User's avatar btcfork
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1 week ago

Thank you, the BCH community is amazing, time to work now :)

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1 week ago

I had some issues with the flipstarter today, but everything is back working.

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1 week ago

Thank you so much for the support, lets see if the community can help woth this, I'll do my best for sure :)

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1 week ago