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Hello everyone, hope y'all are doing good today. It's the last friday of the first month of the year, lets make it a memorable one as we have 3 days left before January walks away. Today if possible i will talking about two good topics, haha! This is how friday got me, it's a special one and i have to allow myself to flow with it.

As humans which we are, we were created differently and each of us here has differents habits. It might be the good or the bad, and that makes us who we are. If we are so unfortunate that we possess the bad habits, sure there is enough room to change and grow above such habits, but we really need to be careful at this point that even in the process of growing, if we don't focus we may end up in seeing ourselves in living in our old habits again. This bad habits are never good, the will shield you from becoming who you truly wanted to become, opportunities will pass you by.

Personally, i have developed myself to grow above certain things that seems to weigh people down, but i am human afterall and there are days that seem so hard and ugly that i want to lose hope on myself and just end it all. Those habits that i assumed i have grown above will find a way back, making me to make negative assumptions through our the whole day. That's how it is, but in all of this i still have that confident in myself that in no distant time i will be back on my feet, and continue to grow the more and push myself to learn frompast mistakes and do more better than before.

I could remember that one of the things that really bothered me was getting assurance from people and not care to know how to give myself that self-assurance i so much needed. But i am happy now that in the process of growing i learn to celebrate my own self, give myself that thumbs up finger that i begged people for several time. This is the best thing i have done and sometimes i need more of it. Not just this, i have learned also to argue with every negative thought in my head, like what is that thing that can prove to me that this negative thoughts are true. And i get no answer for that.

Every morning, i look into the mirror and say to myself that "I CAN DO THIS". I remind myself of who i have become, my inner strength, and that i will win this battle of breaking old habits completely.

Winning is not assured everyday, but if you determine to win, definitely you will become become winner at the end. There are days i will be so lazy and unmotivated, and fighting to let myself loose from this old habits will seem like a failed battle. But i will keep on fighting no matte what because each time i remember how painful it was to depend on people to self-assured me, and this people will do as it pleases them not caring about my own emotions. But at last i never wanted their validation anymore as i have learned to shower myself with it as i want. This is what i have been desiring all my life, to give myself the opportunity to love myself.

I advice us today that no matter what, we all have to stay alert and focus. It might have been that we have been fighting this old habits that seems to weigh us down and that whole thing looks as if we are loosing already. Don't worry because as long as we are fighting, we will get more stronger and wiser than those habits of our past. Often time while we are fighting the negative things in our head, lets remind ourselves of who we have become, how far we have come, how stronger and bold we are. Even when it seems hard, keep on pushing forward because we can do it.

Whatever kind of past habit that you are fighting to set yourself free from it, know this that you are superior to it, you decide if it stays or go, that even if the fight seems impossible you will not stop fighting until you become the very kind of person up so wish to be.


Like i said in my article 2 days ago that Bitcoin Cash is the future, i still stand and believe in what i said. I won't have to ring it everytime into the ears of the unbelivers to hear and know that BCH is actually the future. Forgot the fact that it is not used in every aslect of the worlds economy, but it has all the potentials to become the worlds currency.

Bitcoin Cash is a digital currency which is been stored in a virtual wallet on our smartphones, computers etc. This is why i say it has potentials to become the worlds currency. The stress of carrying bags of money around will be lifted from us, the low transaction fees involved, freedom to spend it spend it anywhere, anytime, and with who you like.

Reflecting back to the 70s, the internet was so condemed for the reason that it was going to replace the old ways of communication. A lot of this unbelievers as i will call them gave the opinion that the internet and the things it came with like the E-mail, and mode of transaction will never last long because to them it was not secured. Giving excuses that they have no assurance if mails sent will get to the right destination. It wasn't their fault because they never understood how the internet works.

Things have really changed so fast. During the olden days era, people will need to move ar distances before they can have access to use a postal service, but it is not like that now as the internet has taken over the world. Without it, the world will be lacking a lot on every aspect.

Because of the internet, we all can stay at the comfort of our home and read about great happenings around the world, going to the library will be an option as we look up anything on the internet with our smartphones or computer.

Will traditional fiat currencies stay
for ever?

We have all wish to see all the nations of the world come together as a one body to do some good transactions, we can never achieve this if we have different currencies, it is only achieveable with a single currency and that currency is Bitcoin Cash. The internet has really affected the world, things are changing for the better.

Just because of the internet and advance in technology, the limitations of distance between two countries have been shortened, we are all few meters away from each other. The internet have touched almost every corners of the world except for the currency we are using.

Nobody will ever like or be happy to pay huge fees for just converting a currency to another one, and in the process enriching the exchange dealers. But if there is just one currency, i don't think there will be need for this fees, such thing will cease to exist as everything will be decentralizes. I would never want a stranger interfere between any private transaction i will want to have with my clients or whosoever, i am talking about a third-party. I don't know if you will feel comfortable with such process?

I hate the banks for this - Invading peoples privacy....

I don't know their motive, whatsoever it is doesn't give them the right to come in between the transaction of two people. This is automatically giving Bitcoin Cash an advantage over fiat currencies.

A lot of scams that are happening now are linked to traditional fiat currencies and the transaction made can't be tracked all because it depends on human management. Whereas its isn't so with Bitcoin Cash were every transaction can be tracked on the blockchain.

Good things like Bitcoin Cash will always take time before it is accepted. And i am sure it will replace fiat currencies at the end.

Final thought

Like the internet, Bitcoin Cash will take over the world when the right time fully comes, and that will land us at a point were we will trade, transact, and own just one currency.

Soon Bitcoin Cash will take over the world and be there forever

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Thank you for reading!!!

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I agree with you , bitcoin cash can change the world and we can enjoy life too ..carryon you are oon the right track

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