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Block Farm Club: everything you need to know about the new PVU

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Hailed by youtuber KManu, Block Farm Club has proven to be a profitable blockchain game, but.... Will it continue to be?

Block Farm Club: what it is and how to start playing

Block Farm Club is an NFT game based on decentralized blockchain technology where anyone can earn tokens and NFTs through the game farm or for leisure.

To start playing Block Farm Club, just head to the game's official website and buy some tokens.

Based on web browser (Chrome or Firefox) multiplayer farm titles (with the undeniable and obvious influence of PVU), Block farm club is not a PAY TO WIN title. However, you need to have in-game tokens to access the game, buy from the platform itself and trade with friends.

Creatures, pets, plants and seeds can be managed with energy (as with Axie Infinity, Dragonary, and so many other NFT games), water, food, power-ups and weakeners within the game. These cannot be traded, they are items for use by each personal account.

Gems and tokens can be exchanged with each other within the platform, tokens for gems, tokens come out of your wallet and you receive gems, and gems earned in-game from quests, battles, dailies and rewards can be exchanged for tokens and removed from the platform any time you want.

In-game lands can be purchased in chests and packs, converting the desired tokens and will remain your property until sold or passed on to others or for the duration of the game.

$BFC: how to buy the Block Farm Club token

The native token of this NFT blockchain game is trading at almost two dollars as we write these lines. You can check today's price of the Block Farm Club cryptocurrency here on CoinMarketCap. If you are determined to invest in the game, you can buy the BFC token through this link that takes you to PanCake Swap. If you don't know how to use PancakeSwap together with Metamask,I recommend you read my tutorial guide via this link.

Block Farm Club Official Contract



I recommend you to buy bcf only by panceka, if you get a too high gas charge, for example 0.40, cancel the transaction and try again, it is a common mistake.

If you get an error when you try to buy, try again.

How does the Block Farm Club farm system work?

the farm system was created so that you can play in an easy, intuitive and fun way, needing seeds or plants, water and waiting time to generate gems prizes, your way of playing and the ability to perform the tasks in the specified time, will result in more or less gems prize. you can also delete your farm in any situation or as you wish.

Daily missions can be performed with the use of energy, you have a daily amount of energy to use and farm others, helping your teammates and receiving gems and bonuses for the achievement at the end of the mission completion.

Special missions can come seasonally, and at each executed stage the user can earn the most diverse bonuses, not necessarily being necessary to compete. The most outstanding players will get a special session and special prizes from others. The energy used in the special missions is also separate from the normal energies of the daily missions.

Your farm can only contain simple growing seeds, which can be selected and exchanged for gems in the store, or special seeds that will grow combat plants, these can be replanted once a month and receive extra gems, but they need a lot of water, and with your own soil you accelerate the growth.

Special plants have attack power, buffs and debuffs and can be used to fight creeps, players, bosses and competitions. They can also be sold in the market and can be crossed a limited number of times, generating new special seeds.

How much money does it cost to play Block Farm Club?

17 BFC -> 1,190 Gems

5 BFC -> 350 Gems

take this into account since investing in the game are on mars or wednesdays since the exchange system is usually closed and the prices that I am showing here may vary even though in the shop the price will always maintain as you see it minus the entry fee may vary from minimum 9 to 7 depending on the price of the coin.


1 Water (50 Gems)

1 Spray (20 Gems)

1 Lunar Seed (160 Gems)

1 Small Pot (50 gems)

1 Crystal Seed (280 gems)

1 Large Pot (130 gems)

1 Bella Seed (200 gems)

1 Small Pot (50 gems)

2 Jimmy Seed (200 gems)

2 Small Pot (100 gems)

Until what day can I request my change of gems to BFC?

Until Monday at 24:00 UTC

When can I order the gems I already ordered before Tuesday?

Tuesday, after 00:00 UTC. Gems for BFC will be approved every Tuesday. if the person who changed GEM to BFC checks the invoice will see Blocked status on Tuesday it will be delivered that's the theory.

Is it possible to have multiple accounts (multi-accounts) in Block Farm Club?

What may turn out to be a good deal may turn into a headache down the road. We saw this with PVU. Games with simple mechanics, easy prize distribution and inflated values tend to bring Macros and Bots (we've seen it with MIR4), which ends up hurting players who play seriously or invest time in the game, either for financial gain or for fun. Take the example of PVU, a few clicks a day and your wallet was full of prizes; the system becomes cumbersome, players can't complete missions and it frustrates everyone. are allowed according to the developers, we recommend you to have only 1 per device. Maximum 2 per ip in the future they could change the rules and you could be banned because of people who have little common sense.

It doesn't seem like the best-case scenario.

In Block Farm Club, having Macros and Bots is very difficult,

because the game is not just about clicking and watering plants. In this NFT game there are missions, Wars, Attacks and alerts at any time; there are many actions that prevent the Bots from spending a lot of time or identifying actions. Therefore, it is impossible to change the account at various times. But that does not mean that a player or his IP is restricted to a single account.

The development team understands that people sometimes like to play with family or friends, so preventing access by quantity would unfairly disadvantage some players. Block Farm Club has chosen to invest in anti-cheating technology to make the game smoother.

Play Block Farm Club alone or with friends?

You will need friends, either to fight against guilds and factions, or to help your crops, as some functions only work against friends / enemies. How are you going to release a pig on your friend's farm to eat some plant sprouts and give you poop back for your own plant? Without a buddy list it's hard. Sometimes it helps to have two accounts, or a wife or child account.

Future of Block Farm Club: is it profitable and reliable?

The game may be very good that can not be taken away, but if many people enter (I say this in the case of Kmanu recommending the game) there will be many accounts generating gems which translates to much BFC in the market, everyone will try to sell BFC weekly (because people see this as a source of income) then what happens, to have much BFC generated the market will be flooded tokens to have many tokens, The supply goes up but not having enough demand the price of the token will go down (ie everyone trying to quickly sell their token at the price that this because they need the money) then progressively if that happens the token will collapse, not because the game is bad OJO, but by pure law of supply and demand, which in economics is normal but obviously the MODs must work on a measure that can prevent this from happening (if not going to repeat the same story that we all know the UVP)

A full garden is planted with 16.30 BFC and generates almost 30 BFC net without counting replanting ie is more than 100% of ROI in a week, is a very high ROI

Already with 500,000 people starting to generate so much BFC weekly, it will cause an excess of tokens in the market, if the MODs do not begin to put limits on the economy of the game will not withstand the shock that is coming.

This is my humble opinion, from yours truly who has been in the world of finance and NFT for some time now.

We are on the right track for the moment in the game but we have and need to prepare for the massive influx of people

Yesterday I proposed that a good idea would be that in order to claim gems you need to have at least 1 NFT planted that ensures that only people who stay are people who have FAITH in the project and not just people who just want to get in, plant get gems take out gems resell the token at any price and don't care what happens to the economy of the game.

But they called me crazy that surely I said it was because I had money to buy nft and that's why I wanted that contribution but it really is a measure that could benefit everyone (the NFT can still farm with the gems generated).

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Written by   9
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Topics: Information, Hobby, Future, Review, Gaming, ...
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