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The ministry of truth

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2 months ago
Topics: Health, Truth, COVID, Politics, Mandate, ...

We have been living with Covid-19 for more than a year and a half and though things may seem to be getting better it seems there is still a long way to go before life will return to normal. I mean normal in the sense of life as we knew it before this pandemic started.

Do you remember when you could go to see your doctor face to face or go with your loved one to a hospital appointment, rather than being told you need to wait outside.

Things are better in the UK than they were this time last year, we have fewer restrictions in place at present.

If you are 'double vaccinated' then you have a little more freedom than others, you are free to travel abroad, free to attend nightclubs and concerts as well, though you will need to use the 'covid pass' or 'vaccine passport' to prove your status.

I remember a time when our freedom to do these things was a given, not a privilege.

I can't help but look at the way life is now and think to myself, how much are we surrendering under the narrative of slowing the spread of Covid-19.

The media control the narrative, the are in effect 'The ministry of truth' picture courtesy of pixabay

The debate around all this to me seems very one sided, we are told every day by the media that vaccines are the only way out of this though we have had the vaccine for some time now and we are still seeing spikes in cases and new variants.

In my view vaccine passports are a step to far. The introduction of these risks creating a two tier society where the 'unvacinated' are sneered at and made to feel that they are to blame for the new lockdowns. This risks victimisation of those who refuse to take the vaccine, which may be for any number of reasons, for example a medical condition, religious or philisophical belief, ethical concerns, or legitimate concerns regarding the safety and efficacy of the vaccines themselves.

In the meantime we are begining to see more widespread civil unrest, due to new lockdowns being imposed in Australia, Austria and the Netherlands.

There have also been protests in Belgium, Croatia and Italy regarding the introduction of the 'green pass' otherwise known as a 'vaccine passport'.

On Saturday 20th November 2021 police fired live bullets at protesters and injured 7 people.

I have shared a link below of the protests in the Netherlands.

The 'ministry of truth' tells us this is all about slowing the spread of Covid so we must all do our duty, get vaccinated, comply and then we will get our freedoms back, vaccines have now been made mandatory in Austria.

The problem to me with making vaccines mandatory is that it breaches the right of the individual to autonomy and self determination regarding the integrity of their own body, which is implemented in law by the individuals right to 'informed consent' which includes the right to refuse all treatment even if it 'may' be detrimental to their own health.

The state is interfering with the individuals right to liberty to act according to their conscience regarding medical interventions and could set a precedent for abuse of power and authoritarian rule.

We would be forced to disclose our vaccine status to live a normal life, though vaccine status is regarded as 'sensitive information' as it refers to health and as such should not be routinely disclosed to any cafe, bar or resturant which asks.

If you wish to have a vaccine I respect your choice, though if you do not then I believe we should respect that choice also.

This is all happening due to a virus which has around a 99% survival rate, some may question if this is correct though as with everything it depends on how you analyse the data.

I wonder where all this is going, this world is in turmoil and there is no end in sight to this pandemic, despite all the promises of the 'highly effective' vaccines.

Vaccinated people can still catch covid, still pass it on, though apparently this is less likely.

'Vaccinated people are less likely to need hospital treatment'

Well this may be true, it is debatable and we are still unsure how long vaccine immunity lasts. Here in the UK the government are pushing for everyone to have a booster jab, a third vaccine and in future this may become nesscesary for travel and other 'privileges'.

In Israel people are already on their 4th jab.

These vaccines are relatively new and no-one can be sure of how effective they will be at combating this virus in the long run.

No-one can be sure that there will not be any negative side effects in the future as a result of booster after booster.

Under the 'PREP' act (Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act) which was enacted on 30th December 2005, the vaccine makers have 'total immunity' from liability if something goes 'unintentionally wrong' with their vaccine.

What else goes on during the development and fast tracking of vaccines?

Take a look at this article below.

Anyway I hope you found my article interesting, I guess at the end of the day we all have to decide for ourselves on the best course of action, be that to get vaccinated or not.

Like I said before if you wish to have the vaccine then that should be your free choice and likewise if not then that should be your free choice also.

Look at the direction of travel and decide for yourself, picture courtesy of pixabay

I think it is wise not to blindly follow the narrative being given by the media and instead be free thinkers and question the true motives of the media 'the ministry of truth' who think they know best and that anyone who questions them is just ignorant or an anti vaxer.

They are dividing people against each other and it is quite disturbing to see what is happening to society before our very eyes.

I hope you enjoyed my article, you can check out more of my articles here.

Article is my own

Pictures courtesy of pixabay

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Written by   56
2 months ago
Topics: Health, Truth, COVID, Politics, Mandate, ...
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The government didn't let those people going out just to have fun even though they are fully vaccinated

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3 weeks ago

I think you are right, no one should be forced to get a vaccine for any reason. In my case, I believe that this society is being forced to limit its freedoms increasingly stronger, something like what George Orwell wrote in his novel 1984

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2 months ago

It's getting that way I think.

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2 months ago