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Old Skool back in the day 87-96

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3 months ago
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26th Jan 2022

It seems like only yesterday, but the acid house and rave era from 87-96 was something almost unreal. The movement began in around 87 when unlicenced music events began to take off with details of the events often given out at the last minute on pirate radio.

It was something unprecedented and the movement really took of in 1989 which has become known amongst ravers and acid house fans as 'The Summer of Love'.

You can read more about this here

It was truly amazing like some kind of musical revolution which brought new age hippies, and trendy clubbers together.

When I listen to the music from that era today it gives me a sense of nostalgisa, takes me back in time, gives me a sense of euphoria and tingles.

Here are a couple of my favourite tunes from that era.

'Corporation of One - The Real Life'

What a classic tune! 😍😍

'Liquid - Sweet Harmony'

These are just a couple of my favourite tunes from back in the day but there are so many more, far too many to mention.

The rave events began to take place outside more often, in places such as deserted airfields. Some of the biggest events were organised by a group known as 'Spiral Tribe' who played a big part in organising the biggest such event in history in the UK.

Spiral Tribes slogan was "We are here to reconnect the Earth" and the infamous 'Castle Morton' event in 92 attracted new age travellers, clubbers and just about anyone who had heard about it and felt like going.

On a bank holiday weekend so many people had descended on 'Castle Morton' that the police were powerless to shut down the rave, their only option was not to intervene and wait until the crowds had enough of their free party.

This rave made headlines in the UK it was incredible.

Here is some footage from the event.

This event angered the government and over the next couple of years they debated what they could do about it in parliment.

Ultimately this resulted in the passing of the 'Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994' which contained a clause which would criminalise these unlicenced music events, namely Sections 63–67 whic defined any gathering of 20 or more people where:

63(1)(b) "music" includes sounds wholly or predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats.

This controversial bill deliberately targeted these events and made things more difficult for rave organisers.

You can read more about this here.

From then on many rave organisers began to look to hold licenced events, which often took place in purpose built warehouses, which gave people an authentic rave experience.

One such venue was 'The Sanctuary' in Milton Keynes.

A huge number of events took place here right up until 2004.

Here is some footage from one of the raves at 'The Sanctuary'.

The music of that era was so popular and those who were too young to experience the acid house and rave scene for themselves between 89-96 could go and have that rave experience for themselves.

The acid house and rave scene was the also the era of vinyl and djs.

Today we have digital downloads and spotify.

Its not the same now, music has changed, but the legacy of acid house and rave culture lives on to this day!

If you made it to here thank you for reading, if you like you can check out some more of my articles here.

Article is my own

Lead image courtesy of Pixabay

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Written by   63
3 months ago
Topics: Music, Rave, House, Dance, Culture, ...
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A very interesting one about culture & music! Good oldies tracks too! Like it. :0)

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3 months ago

Love a bit of the old skool classics.

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3 months ago

Feel free to check some of mine, in these kind of vibes. Let me know..

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3 months ago

So I got 'Audius' music on the blockchain, I had never heard of 'Audius' before, can I trade their native token on Binance?

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3 months ago

Audius was on ETH Mainnet last year. I sold some using Uniswap. But now they migrated over Solana, so It's Solana Mainchain (beta). But Audius is the killer app who will make the difference! $Audio is at $1.11 today.

I can't say where right now to trade. But I will check it! As I'm concerned too :0) Thank you so much to have plugged there, listened some of my music, and for your support! You will find a lot of music you love there. From indie artists. And earn $Audio while having fun listening music, making playlists, etc! Just keep in touch with them.

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3 months ago

Yes it's free from any ads and stuff and hopefully the platform will grow and grow, seems a great way to support up and coming artists too. 😊

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3 months ago

Yes for sure, thanks

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3 months ago