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Letter from your Future Self: Law of Attraction Style

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1 month ago

Our Current Self

The Law of Attraction (LoA) practitioners would know the idea of believing in having what we have asked for. At first, this seems to be a daunting task, but then you get the hang of it. The problem is that we tend to slip back into the old self and get back to worrying about nothing. I mean, if you need more money and you would try to believe you have more money, what would you do when the next bill comes? Lemme guess – worry? We are unable to maintain ourselves in the positive frame of mind that we need to be in.

In fact, if we analyze the thoughts that we have had about money (as in the above example), we would most certainly be spending the bulk of the time despairing about not having the money than believing it is here. So, we end up jeopardizing our own future. If we see only lack, then we attract lack, and we will have more lack.

So, what do we do to change our thoughts and form? Here is one way.

My Future Self

One way of keeping you on the toes and feeling good is to have your future self talk to you. Now, think about this, if your future self comes to you and says – “hey buddy, you did it. You managed to stay positive and bring us all the abundance that there is.” How would you feel? You would feel sensational. Not only is your future-you ratifying you, but also subconsciously leaves a message that you did it. So, you are no longer worrying about anything. You feel accomplished. You feel empowered. And most of all, you feel free.

The clutches of negativity would be released in a moment, and you would float high in happiness. Once you feel the freedom, it is next to impossible to slide back. Because now your mind knows how to feel good and accomplished. Your mind knows how to reach for the feeling, and you can bring it on as many times as you want. More the better until the subconscious trusts the message and wires it into your brain. From there, you are on autopilot to prosperity.

But how do you do it?

Make Your Future Self Talk to You

Here is what I did. I imagined my future self to be all that I imagined myself to be. Strong and sturdy looking, eight packed, lean and muscular, driving around in rugged SUVs, living in the most luxurious house and coming towards me and tapping me from behind. I turn to see me – my future me.

Once I imagined till here, I took a paper and pen and started writing down the conversation he had with me. Here is how it sounded.

“Hey, you did it, man. All the money that you imagined, we have made it and made a lot more. You have created an online empire that works seamlessly and continuously. We are enjoying this life. Everyone is healthy at home. Dad is doing fine, so is wifey and chinti. All are happy, hale and hearty and healthy. All the comforts you worked towards are here. All this was possible only because you believed. You believed that we are rich. You believed in our health and comfort, and because of that, here it is. There is nothing I can tell you than to keep on with your positive thoughts because you have done it, man, and somehow I am grateful that you did. You are a champion to have seen the silver lining even in the dark, gloomy day. It is just awesome. Thanks and see you soon!

P.S. – All the properties you wanted to buy and the cars and SUVs, remember? They are already ours. We have bought way more than what you had imagined. I guess that is the power of positiveness increasing exponentially. Again, all thanks to you!”

Well, that was my letter. You can have your own version. And I did write the “P.S.” part. Hey, it is, after all, you talking to you. Pep it up as you want. Who can stop you? 😊

So you write your own dialogue. See your future-you thanking you for staying positive and making it happen. You will love it.

So, what next?

You can do this exercise as many times as you want. Maybe even every day. You can do it the first thing in the morning. If not writing every day, you can read what you had already written. Even that would work. Do it. Have fun.

And as you have fun, keep witnessing your future becoming your current reality.

I wish you all the fun! 😊


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Written by   32
1 month ago
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