Does Setting Standards Means Being Too Picky?

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Let's talk about love. There is something about the concept of romance that just engulfs me everytime it gets into the open air. I love talking about love, falling in love, being loved, and sometimes even the times and affairs where it has to be let go off. But, the funny thing is, I have never even had experienced the kind of love I always prayed to have, yet, I still cannot get tired of it. I love picturing about the love I know will come to me in the future. And I also sure do love recreating my list of standards for the person I am going to say yes to forever with.

I have people call me as being 'too picky' towards others which they say is the reason why I could only count the persons in my circle using one hand and even also the one reason behind why I have never been into committed relationships before. And although there was one time where that used to offend me, I have realized that it was all true and it is something that I should not be ashamed of. Because I have experienced and seen firsthand multiple shades and personalities of people that have been the lift that led me to this position. And I would always choose to know what and who are good for my sanity inspite of being called picky than let the world shove the best of me on the sidewalk.

I believe there is nothing wrong for listing down standards for people that you think only deserve your energy. There is nothing wrong for being too picky with people who you let in your life especially for those who you choose to be with for the rest of your lifetime. Setting standards for other people is some sort of self care. It is an act of embodying your worth of having worthy people as well.

Nevertheless, it is also important that setting boundaries and standards goes in two ways. We should also learn how to create ones for the better of ourselves for we can never demand the best in others while being at our worst and not try to do anything about it. Setting standards for ourselves is also an act of respect to our value as individuals and persons who deserve all the good things life has to offer.

(Hello, love! Thanks for reading up to here! I truly appreciate your time. I hope you have taken an insight or two from my words above. And if you like, you can share your thoughts about setting standards for your potential significant other. I would love to hear your mind. Feel free to share your ideas on the comment section below. Have a great day ahead! xoxo)

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