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Happy Mother's Day (Part 3)

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1 month ago

Celebration is over, but memories will last forever <3

Before you proceed in reading this article, you might want to check the first 2 parts first. Just click the following:  Part 1 and Part 2.

Yeees, we've just done with our celebration and we are now just currently having some nice conversations. I am so excited to share this another milestone in our life - my mom's day celebration.

We really had fun today though it's really tiring and expensive. But the smile from my Mom's face lifted and remove all our worries away.

After my nap, I prepared my self and took a bath. After that, we prepared our simple surprise for my Mom. We prepared the cake, the 18" x 18" size pizza, and the all-time fave pancit sisig. My older sister also prepared some pictures and a tarp papel which she just printed out. That made the ambiance more meaningful.

After all the preparation, we called her and she was like "Ay woooow". Hehehe and then smiled. We hug her and greet her with the widest greetings and hugs. We had our picture taking together with our Baby Fur-Kaki. She was also on-the-go in the picture taking.

Me, my Mom, Ate Cams, Cheche, Bunso and my Baby Fur-Kaki <3

My mom and her Mama-friends also made a short celebration by enjoying their budol fight :)
Baby Kaki, me, Bunso, Cheche and Ate Cams

Of course, we won't be late for our own picture taking. The 4 sisters with a doggy. Hahahaha. What I love most about occasions is that we really had the chance to be together again. We forget first our responsibilities and just enjoy the rest of the day 'coz tomorrow is another battle day. I wish everyday is like this...

My mom is one of the best mom in the world and if ever given the chance to choose her or others, I will always choose her no matter what. I'm so thankful that she is my mother. <3

Anywaaaays, today is a double celebration for me. It's not just because it's Mother's Day, but also because it's my 1st Month here in readcash. Waaaah, Time flies really fast!

From this very first article I published, until now, I never imagined I'd be this far. For over a month, I've made 12 subscribers whom I'm really thankful for. I published 48 articles so far, received about $39.65 in total. It's still far from my 1BCH Goal but I think I can still make it. Though I need to start again because of some unexpected circumstances. Thank you for everyone who upvoted me especially to @TheRandomRewarder for believing in my articles.

Life is a circle of happiness, sacrifices and responsibilities but that's what our life is meant to be. We are not always on top. We are not sure of what will happen to the next seconds of our life. That's why, we need to cherish and enjoy if we have the chance to.

The celebration is over so back to acads again. After all the laughters, let's focus again on our future. Just keep on fighting, future Engineer!

Have a blessed Sunday everyone.

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Written by   23
1 month ago
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