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Marriage Life With Mother -in-law

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11 months ago

The number of mothers-in-law who are not in tension with their mothers-in-law is very low. I also had tension. I disliked her by marrying her son. I did not agree with his handsome handsome boy. Ahamari is not beautiful on him short! Often regretted. In other words, if we got married, we would get many beautiful wives for Rintu. So what else can I say! I would say one hope is not over and one is left! Yes, I play the mouth, not good nature. So after marriage, she was too busy to call him mother. I could not come to terms with anything. And the early days were not good. But my father-in-law is like that. I liked him the first day. Very smart and modern. After eating rice at noon, she called and sat on the sofa, the discussion started with feminism. This time he said wearing a bangle, "If you don't like it, you can take it off. These are also a kind of captivity." But I like to wear that glass bangle! My father-in-law used to buy me glass bangles. So I was not stubborn to call him father.

But if my father told me to call my mother. I would go to the chicken farm and say to my mother-in-law, "Daddy is calling you." He also did not say anything.

I couldn't cook. I couldn't even tell my mother-in-law. We had an assistant headmaster at St. Joseph's High School. We used to call his wife Aunty. I used to cook after listening to him.

In cooking, vegetables were often high in salt and pulses were low in salt. Her little boy would shout about it, and his mother would shout. My mother-in-law would not tell me anything. On the contrary, he used to tell the boy to eat with less salt, or to cook it himself.

And one day mother-in-law told Ranjana to cook Fanvat. So I cooked fyanbhat and prepared breakfast. Everyone play. Mother-in-law said, did you eat?

I said no.

Try a spoonful.

I put it in my mouth. What a terrible salt! Yet no one said anything!

I also started calling her mother easily. But the most beloved but the father-in-law. One day I even told my father about my father-in-law. Anyway, my relationship with my mother-in-law took two years to get easier. These two years were very bad times. I also did various stupid things. I went to protest. Whether the habit of leaving was innate! Once upon a time the relationship was easy. Because my father used to advocate for me. My father was always by my side. Because he was a man of reason. Sometimes he would get angry. But I never hesitated to apologize if I did wrong.

At one point I started to fill my mother-in-law. After that, if I didn't enter the house and see her, I would call her mother so loudly that the people around would know that she was not in the house. Screaming. It was my job to comb her hair, pedicure her hands and feet and do her manicure. And he would hold the oven while I was cooking. Powdered fish and vegetables are the poison of my two eyes. Mother used to make them ready.

I lost my mother three years before my marriage. After marriage, I have gone through many ups and downs. He was always by my side. Even today, this mother stands by my side in various dangers.

When he goes out of Dhaka on a tour, he calls and gives advice on various issues. It increases in winter days. Because I have a cold allergy. The mother can be very compromising, can digest the words in the stomach. I could not achieve these two qualities. If there is anything, I gurgle and tell him. There is no privacy in my personal life with him. I really love him very much. The word was never said. Needless to say. Maybe he knows that. Today is mom's birthday. I wish my mother would live longer.

Mom with Replica and Brian in the picture.

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Written by   65
11 months ago
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