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What is BAT token

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BAT, or Basic Attention Token, is a dynamically developing token and very fast gaining popularity. Let's take a closer look at this cryptocurrency.

Basic Attention Token is an open source, decentralized platform based on Blockchain Ethereum network, with its own ERC20 token of the same name. The project is unique because it has its own web browser Brave (we will talk about this browser later), which can also be used by users without tokens.

It was created in 2017 with the help of the ICO initiative. The maximum supply of a token is 1,500,000,000 tokens. The project's homepage can be found at this web address: Due to the fact that the project is open-source we have instant access to all files from the level of GitHub - - and a constant preview of the flow of tokens and information on the Etherscan website -

The idea behind the creation of this token and the whole project is to create a relationship between advertisers, content creators and their users. We live in times when Google and Facebook dominate in this sector, BAT can change that. By default, the project aims to reward creators who have attracted the attention of users with tokens. At this point, the user can see advertisements placed by advertisers, which results in increased reach for the advertiser and a greater reward for the creator. It is interesting to note that BAT, due to such a high interest in the market, collected ICO funds in the form of the fastest cryptocurrency in the history of the market.

Brave Web Browser

The heart of the Basic Attention Token project is their dedicated browser called Brave. It is available in a version for both computers and mobile devices. It is based on the project code Chromium (the same system is used by Google Chrome!). However, Brave has a lot to boast about. Developers creating Brave have focused most on privacy and security of the user. In this case, the browser has a built-in system for blocking malicious ads, tracking scripts and other dangerous software. A moment ago we were talking about Brave blocking ads - how are users supposed to see ads from advertisers? Well, this is where users can allow non-intrusive ads from trusted advertisers to be displayed. Thanks to such a procedure we will be able to earn BAT tokens. You heard right, you can earn tokens for watching ads!

Brave boasts a very fast loading time for web pages. If you load web pages quickly, with Brave this time can be shortened even three times! Just like in Google Chrome we can add our own bookmarks, install different plugins or configure your browser. The application is definitely worth recommending!
Brave can be downloaded from the link below:

If you have the ability to earn tokens for free then you need to think about how to do it. The answer is a wallet. The issue of portfolio selection is the key aspect here. Due to the fact that the BAT token is based on the ERC-20 smart contract, we need to have a portfolio that supports this standard. The most popular such portfolio will be MyEtherWallet. Nevertheless, I would recommend using, in my opinion, a better portfolio - MetaMask. MyEtherWallet is a strange one, difficult to use on a daily basis. And MetaMask is a browser plugin (also works in Brave!) that looks clear, works great and even helps you to set the fee! Jaxx and Exodus are also suitable. If you would like to keep your tokens "on the phone" use such applications as Trust Wallet or Coinomi.

Basic Attention Token is listed on many stock exchanges. When buying or selling your tokens, watch out for the stock market you are selling on. I recommend to choose the ones where the volume is the highest. For example IDCM, Exrates or Binance.

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