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Blockchain in everyday use

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11 months ago

The world of blockchain is growing faster and faster. Are we able to adapt it for everyday use?

I think so, and all because of its easy implementation to different systems. Blockchain can be used for money transfers, data library, various hosting or even games.

The first example comes to mind are online shopping. In such a blockchain we would be able to find any of our purchases whether it's private or public. Everything would depend on our choice. Imagine having an instant overview of all our transfers and receipts to your bank account. Such use of blockchain would allow us to make instant transfers without cases that the bank would not work or its website would be in the process of modernization.

Anothere that comes to my mind although it is probably difficult to implement is to put the whole Internet on the blockchain. Let's imagine such a situation. Start the computer starts the browser and you enter Google and then search for an interesting topic. Your interests will be saved in the blockchain so that the next time you will be offered it immediately which will save your time. And just as in the case of banks and transfers, whether this information would be public or private would depend solely on us. Sincerely I believe that the blockchain is a great technology and solution that will be the basic tool in the future that will allow us to build new applications of the site or institutions.

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