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Open Letter

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5 months ago
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Have you ever tried putting yourself on someone else’s shoes?

Have you ever tried to wonder how their day was?

Have you thought about what’s above the blues?

Have you been good to others?

People laugh and smile,

People cry and grieve,

Some people might be fragile,

Some people are so brave,

How do you look at people?

How about you?

How well do you judge them?

How are you?

We use our mouths as we speak

As we speak, it may be knives to stab the person

It may be a bouquet of flowers to offer relationship

Or it may be dark chocolates to express it to our love ones 

We use our eyes to see things,

Seeing the things around you 

Makes you understand everything

But, are you sure what you see is true?

He might be smiling,

But deep inside, he’s heartbroken,

She might be rude,

But inside her, she’s just protecting herself and is afraid to get hurt

Like how the earth revolves around the sun,

We live day by day,

We keep judging everyone,

But it doesn’t mean we’ll turn them into flowers that decay

Everyone is facing their own battle

We are all knights

Some maybe soft like waffle

But know that inside us there is a bright light

Empathy and kindness

If you can’t have them both, at least have one

It will help you to judge less

And help you love everyone 

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Written by   13
5 months ago
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As of current events, I always put myself in the perspective of those people living in Ukraine right who are the victims of war. I can't fathom what they are going through right now and the mixed feelings they have for their loved ones and for their country. I really hope this war will be over soon. Nice piece by the way, empathy and kindness indeed is what we need for world peace to be achieved.

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5 months ago

I agree with you, with all of the happenings, I really hope that this piece can reach to millions of people. I'm happy that we got connected because of my piece. Thank you! I hope you're doing well. x

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5 months ago

It's really awesome to have a platform like read cash where different individuals can connect and relate with each other through articles without being toxic at all. Keep reaching to people! I hope you're doing well too, thanks!

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5 months ago

That's how some people judging others, I admit that sometimes I'm rude and so mean but I regret and being guilty about what I did. You're absolutely right, empathy and kindness will help us to love others. Nice meeting you here by the way 😊

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5 months ago

It's amazing how we're able to fit in other people's shoe. Im glad you liked my piece! Thank you, nice meeting you too!

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5 months ago

Yeah correct we must to consider and know their sides first before anthing else and we must to avoid judging other people.

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5 months ago