Three Tune Tuesday - Glastonbury 2004

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Hello Music Lovers!,

Welcome to another #threetunetuesday created originally by @ablaze on Hive.

This week my theme is 3 of my most memorable songs from Glastonbury in 2004. You might be thinking what? Why Glasto and why 2004?

So let me fill you in with the backstory. The summer of 2004 was when I first emigrated and left my old life behind me. I was prepared to set off on new adventures to sunny (lol) Ireland but it was also trepid of leaving friends, family, and acquaintances behind me and stepping into the unknown.

I left around the time of Glastonbury and there were some songs on at the time that remind me of this fork in the road of my life and have me pondering what if? What if I had stayed?

First up, before they started singing, they shouted out "Glastonbury!!!!!!" to loud cheers from the crowd. "We are a band called Keane and we're pleased to meet ya". The video was up on youtube by the BBC but I couldn't find it now, so here is the link to the official video, but I do recommend watching the live version.

Next up are a band that was headling at Glastonbury that year and this song really took the open-air roof off! The tune was really catchy and popular at the time. The performance is up on youtube but I couldn't find im not sure it was the copyright holder so I link to this awesome live performance a whole 10 years later!!

You can see how great the song is and the atmosphere:

My final tune from 2004 that was playing at Glastonbury is a song that literally took the roof off at the festival. I think they even lost power during their performance at one point but it didn't stop the party, they were so awesome.

They were not one of the headliners but were so popular you can see how rammed it was. This was made up for in later festivals where they became headliners, but this non-headling but festival-smashing performance was a memorable one and brings me back good memories.

Their final song would be my choice of top songs "All the thing's we've done" with the official video starring none other than the Timberlake, Justin. But at the time I didn't listen to it and I was really enjoying Somebody Told Me and Mr. Brightside. But the trio of them played at Glastonbury 2004 was awesome and not repeated later as they were headliners on the main stages.

The Somebody Told Me live performance is on youtube but not with the copyright holder so I chose Mr. Brightside so you can really get a feel of how big a crowd was watching them on this too small a stage.

Those are the artists and the festival I was watching on the tv and radio at the time before I left my home country and they bring back special memories. I didn't ever go to Glastonbury which was a shame as it was only an hour away from where I lived. lol

I know it's supposed to be three tunes but if I could sneak one more in, it would be the awesome Goldfrapp. I remember her tunes around 2004 but wasn't paying too much attention at the time but recently re-discovered her and love her music.

It was also cool to discover her performance at Glastonbury in 2004 with her awesome dancers. The whole set is worth watching but the highlight is probably "Strict Machine". You can watch the 2004 performance on youtube but again I link here to the 2014 version as it is with the copyright owner:

That's it from me, have a great musical Tuesday! Until next time.

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