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Splinterlands - First Ever Pack Opening

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2 months ago

After winning 3 Chaos Legion packs, I finally decided to open them as I haven't bought or won any packs before. Usually, I have just purchased the cards that I need or want directly on the market. Boy was I glad I did though and all these pack openings are just so cool when they turn legendary or gold!!

My very first ever pack opening was not so eventful even with the maximum potions and not what.

On my second pack opening, however, it was awesome first as one of my cards was LEGENDARY and then I also got a GOLD FOIL!!!
I can't tell you how happy I was with getting this pack!!

I then opened my third and final CL pack and got another GOLD FOIL PELACOR ARBALEST!!!! Mano!! I really wanted him as a GF too!!!!! It was the best news ever!!!!!

What a great day..

Thanks for reading


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Written by   56
2 months ago
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