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My Battle Challenge with Life Sapper

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2 months ago

Hello Splinterfans!

Welcome to my entry for the Share your Battle Weekly Challenge! More details about the challenge can be found here.

I have been slowly improving my death deck, but still, it is not one of my strongest decks and also I do not know the monster so well. The Life Sapper was not a monster I usually rented as I don't play death so often, but I will for sure add him going forward and look to buy him too.

I am aware of him though as he is a worthy opponent that has caused me problems occasionally when I cannot take him out quick enough with my snipe attack.

I have rented a level 2 Life Sapper for my battles and this should give me some extra speed in my battles that would come in handy.

My Team

This is a low-level mana battle and I thought that Life Sapper would be perfect to play in this bronze league match.


The rules for the battle are:

Poison - all monsters start the match poisoned.

Watch the Battle

My plan was to use my Corpse Fiend as a decoy up front to at least make 1 damage against the enemy before Cursed Windeku stepped in with his 10 health and thorns. In case of some danger in the back row, I hoped Uraeus would snipe him down to clear the danger.

The lava has just 6 health plus 1 gained from the summoner, it should be ok so far I think. WRONG!

Even with the neutralised health increases, the devastated 4 attack strength of Lava is looking very deadly. But what tips the balance is the magic protection of Lava from the poison!!

With no poison effects, I am easily wiped out with any worries for Lava!!!!

It is my first time using Life Sapper and it is a painful lesson to learn about battling with poison and low mana battles.


Life Sapper looks like a great addition to the team, but I used him wrongly here as he didn't have enough health to survive the poison and so could not build up his health enough to prove a deadly force for my enemy.

Thanks for reading.


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Written by   54
2 months ago
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