End of Season Report and New Riftwatchers Cards

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We are at the end of another action-packed season in Splinterlands and it has been full of events and surprises. I will give you the rundown of my season.

This season I managed to get both my modern and wild deck into the gold league. It was a bit of a grind at the beginning and end of the season, but I managed to get there. My thoughts are now, what upgrades can I make to bolster my deck to stay easily in gold or even go up to the next league?

The RiftWatchers cards were released and I didn't buy any packs but instead bought many cards on the market as they were released. Some of the cards are quite powerful and are really helpful for some of those high mana battles.

I was focused on adding some to my Earth and Water deck and Bramble Pixie is one that came in handy the most so far. I also like Suidae Shaman with his 6 magic attack every other turn! I bought Bramble Pixie as a gold foil but Suidae Shaman is only a regular foil so far.


You can see I managed to keep my win ratio positive in modern, even though I was wiped the floor with many times. I did take out a rental of Lama and Kron for a few days to help get me up to gold. This was my first time really using this combination and I can see how powerful a combination they are, but it is not my usual style with the Earth deck.

I was lucky enough to win a delegation of Djinn Oschannus and Quix the Devious as gold foils. They are both such awesome cards and I don't know how I am going to live without them once the delegation ends.


Compared to last season, my rewards increased by $3. I can't remember if that was silver or gold chests last season now! Time is going so quickly in these seasons. I think it was gold also, but anyway, it is a nice improvement. I had 44 chests last season and managed 30 gold ones this time.

After the rental market collapse for most of the season, it picked up very strongly near the end and it was nice to start earning some DEC again. There were some bargains to be had and I did do a bit of shopping where I could.

One of my favourite summoners in the game is Mylor Crowling. I therefore purchased my first level 1 Mylor Crowling and will rent it out. I already own a level Wizard of Eastwood that I rent out, so I hope this will boost my rental returns in the future.


The value of DEC is still hovering around the 0,0014 value and I wonder if it will continue to go higher in the next months. I don't hold any DEC except what I earn from card rentals. In fact I am mostly a buyer as I am adding new card to my deck each season.

After some easy wins in my first few brawls, I have started to face some tougher competition and I have to really think more tactically on how to pull of the wins.

To bolster my guild battles, I opened my first two gladius packs which was fun. I hope this will give me a hand in some of my future battles. I am really excited about being able to earn SPS in guild battles. This will be a great way I hope to boost my SPS stack. Currently I have only 339.

The other big news is the upcoming SplinterFest. I can't wait to see this and it will be some great fun there I am sure.

Good luck for the new season!

Thanks for reading.


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