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Morning Stretches to make you Productive

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4 weeks ago

Hello everyone in this article, I will give you some tips to make your day productive with this simple kick start.
before your day starts, checking your phones, emails, school, or having an unfinished business to do.
Morning stretches will be always your first priority upon waking up so I list down

5 stretches that can help you even lying down or without leaving your bed.

1. Toe Circle

Grab one leg with two hands beneath the knee, raising it to a 90-degree angle. Be sure to move from the ankle and not the toes. This helps with ankle mobility, which is key to moving fluidly and avoiding falls. The ankles take a beating in everyday life and this keeps the joints open and working properly.
(2 x 10 reps each side)

2. V-sit crunch

Forming your body into V-shape, raise your leg and crunch with power exhale then inhale. This is to strengthen your core or abdominal muscle.
(2 x 10 reps with 30-seconds rest and deep breathing)

3. Knee Hugs

Lift your knee toward your chest and grab the knee with your hands. Pull your right knee and squeeze your glute from right turn back to left.
This stretch is a big help for your hamstring, glute, and front leg as well.
(2 x 10 reps each side)

4. Glute Bridges

Lying back with your knees 90 degrees, feet should be on surface squeeze your glutes and hips towards the ceiling shoulder will remain on the bed and hold for two seconds, stop and hold your hips an inch above. This is a good stretching to improve your glutes.
(2 x 10 reps)

5. Straight - Leg lowering

Lie on your back with arms at your sides and leg straight up above hips. One leg should be straight and steady, slowly lower the other until it's hovering just over the surface. Return to the first position and repeat. This stretching develops your hamstrings, chest, and torso.
(2 x 10 reps each side)

Benefits of Stretching:

  • Stretching can improve your posture

  • Can decrease back pain

  • Prevents injury and fractures

  • decrease muscle soreness

  • Preventing loss range of motion

Do this every morning to achieve flexibility and healty joints.

This is Mon...
Stay strong, stay active and stay Mooontivated (; Peace out! 💪

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Written by   135
4 weeks ago
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