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Breadcrumbing: Stay away!

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1 month ago

Have you heard about Breadcrumbing? maybe you're not familiar but some of you are already experienced this.

Breadcrumbing is a dating phenomenon in someone flirts with you periodically to keep you interested, but no intentions to commit or put a real effort.
when sometimes you just feel lonely and empty those "Breadcrumber" will save your day or should I say ruin your life? lol just like paperclipping or sudden attachment this one is hard to handle.

Some people are okay in this setup as they are lack time, not committed, or simply don't care. But for many people, this is awful and hurts until they no longer handle the pain.

These are signs that you are on Breadcrumbing:

  • Unhappy and secure instead of happy and secure

    Simply you want some more. You didn't feel the happiness and feel unsecured you don't totally trust their intentions or Unsatisfied in general.

  • You feel Unimportant and Used

    You never felt the being loved thing. They just take you for granted seems you don't matter to them or under-valued.

  • Reaching you out after your silence

    When you show a loss of interest or you don't even feel to start any conversation with them, they gonna reach out to you again and flirt these doubts will make them curious, and starts defending themselves. You will see the changes in their behavior so your doubt will stop.

  • You give more attention

    You give more than you're taking and that was bad.
    quick reply, shows interest, you are basically into them even though they don't care about you or to your well-being. You show them affirm and care but you don't receive any in return and that really hurts.

  • Fake interest but malice motive

    They just taking advantage of you. Let's say they show some interest but you're really not sure of that or simply not stating their true motive. For example,
    They just need a companion, just want to forget or the most awful truth is to win your heart until you found out that you're being a rebound.

    Always take your time and value yourself you don't deserve those "Breadcrumbers"

    This is M ....?

    Ps. Aw! I don't recognize myself anymore lol! :)

    Peace out! 💪✌

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Written by   135
1 month ago
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True to life ba Ito hahaha.

Your are mooontivated. Haha

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1 month ago