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Your Achievements, My Joy!

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6 months ago

This year, my 2 children has just finished Junior and Senior High School level. My youngest daughter had her completion rights last July 15, 2021 and my son had his Senior High School graduation to day July 23, 2021. There's nothing in this world could compare the happiness I feel every time my children would finish a level in their schooling.

I have three children and I am proud to tell you that they are achievers in their own rights. My eldest was a consistent honor student from nursery to her high school years and in college, she always make it a point to have high grades. Though she failed to finish college because of financial reason and family crisis and is now working as a call center representative for 3 years now. But in that three years, I shall say, she is excelling in the career she is into. On her first job, she got promoted to be a team leader in a span of 1 year and her promotion was highly recommended by her Account and Operations Managers. On the day that she tendered her resignation, the management has rejected it for several times because they cannot let go of her. They just can't give the salary increase that my daughter had bargained in return of her staying in the company so after months of declining the resignation, they finally let go of her. On her transfer to a new company, she got her regularization in 6 months and have received so many commendations from client's call. Her team leader is so happy with her performance and have insisted that she stay with the team because she is really an asset to him. Excellence is what my daughter is giving in her job and that is what I am really proud of.

My son, who graduated with honors in senior high school was a big revelation and his perseverance deserve a standing ovation. On his nursery days, he is an achiever and a consistent honor student too like her older sister. But the time he reached elementary and high school he had the hard time coping up. Maybe there are factors affecting his performance in school. Nonetheless, I kept on encouraging and telling him that he has the potential but he's not focusing on his studies well. Seeing his weaknesses in his studying habits, I continued to guide him and never gave up on him. I remember on the day of his Junior high school graduation, he said sorry to me because of his poor performance. He thanked me endlessly for all the moral support he received from me even though he was not excelling in his studies. He made a promise to me that he will make it up to me, he will strive harder to have high grades in his senior high school and he will let me go up the stage with him and that he will graduate with honors. True enough to his promises, I saw the great transformation. In grade 11, he finished it with high honors and I just gave him one inspiring word, "I believe that you can do it because you are a bright student. You just need to focus and believe in yourself!" Today, he graduated and finished his Grade 12 with Honors. Seeing his grades 2 weeks ago, I praised him for a job well done. All his grades are high and got an GWA of 93% but of course I advised him to focus more. His focused on his studies is not 100% because its divided between studies and playing online games. Proving and being true to his promises makes me so proud of him, his achievements is a real proof that he has now found his way to believe on his capabilities more which made me more proud of him more than ever.

Lastly, my youngest also finished her Junior High School today. The story of my youngest different from her other siblings. She is a timid and shy type student, who remained low profile from nursery to junior high. Her siblings are active students both in academic and extra curricular activities in their school that's why I always have this fear that she will be compared to them. Her sister and brother are both school class presidents, have joined several school contests and are famous to their teachers because of their activeness in school. My youngest is way behind her siblings because she always chose to stay away from the limelight. It was always me who insisted that she should participate in school activities and even be more active in classroom performances. I always tell her, if she wants to have high grades and be on the honors list she should participate in class recitations and activities. She is a bright student and her study habit is really far better than her other siblings. She is a focused student but the real problem is her being timid and reserved student. But on her 10th grade, finally she got out of her shell. I saw how she struggled with the online classes but I also saw how she coped up and excelled in her studies. I was behind her back giving her the lift she needed. She graduated with Honors too like her brother and I could feel how happy and excited she was for her achievement because this year was the greatest year she had, from the first quarter to the last quarter, she is in the honors list which made me a proud mommy again.

To all my children, you don't see and feel how happy I am for all the achievements you got. Every time I see you graduate or become successful in everything you do, no words can express the happiness I have. My tears of joy is the only proof how happy I am. And as you journey to another milestone of your life and begin to thread the path of career you are about to take, remember this.... your achievements are all my joy. Just keep on reaching out to your dreams and we will be in that together.

Thank you very much dear readers for patiently reading this and see you again in my next article

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Written by   7
6 months ago
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