Day in life series (Day 19)

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Hey guys welcome back to day in life series and it's day 19 running and let's get into it. It was a pretty good day in my books. Woke up at 10 done my morning routines and had had tea and breakfast and jumped into markets.

It was friday so I have prayers to attend so started by having bath at 12:15 and got ready and left for prayers at 12:45. So after prayers are finished me and friends spent a little time chatting and returned home and had lunch. After lunch again jumped into markets. At 5 had some tea and snacks and went back to some more charts and phone.

At around 7 headed out again met up with friends. We had a marriage function to go to so went ahead to the function. Wandered there for a bit and had food at around 9 and it was delicious. Some time after heavy food session we left the function and headed out to the cafe to have some tea. So had tea and spend some time there and eventually returned home at around 11. After some usual YouTube and Instagram went to sleep at around 2.

Thanks for checking out my post and see you in a bit

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