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Spring has come to Stockholm, at last!

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1 month ago

For the last couple of weeks, as we know, the crypto market has been fluctuating severely so that I have been away from it just for now. So, I am doing something else than trading crypto and reading some news about crypto.

Well, I read crypto-related news daily, but I have not been reading as much as I used to. When the market is facing some crash, I just take a walk and not to think about it too much, and enjoy the news season as last has come to Stockholm, Sweden. Spring has come, as last!

It is nice to see cherry blossoms in Stockholm as well. I wish I could see cherry blossoms, sakura, in Japan next year. I want to travel around the world once again when the Covid-19 pandemic ends.

I take a walk almost every day for 30 - 45 minutes. And, May is the best season in Stockholm to take a walk, I think. It is the month that you see that trees and plants change every day; plants start blooming, and the plants are sprouting new leaves.

It is wonderful to see that the plants are also enjoying spring has come, at last. In Stockholm, almost 6 months are dark, and the other 6 months are bright. And, in May, we can see many flowers.

Actually, I do not know the names of any plants I posted above except cherry blossom, but I enjoy seeing them as I take a walk. It rating a lot in May here, and it seems that every rain makes flowers grow and sprout new ones.

Walking is very relaxing, especially since the market is suffering. LOL. I would like you to do the same, just to forget about it. I hope you will have a good day!

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Written by   24
1 month ago
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