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One Japanese phrase every day! (・∀・)/ イイネ!! No. 14

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2 months ago

Let’s learn a Japanese phrase from anime/manga every day! (・∀・)イイネ!!


I pick up a Japanese phrase from anime/manga (almost) every day to learn Japanese with you all!


I hope this (almost) every-day update post will help you get motivated to learn Japanese.



Today´s phrase is:


Jpn :  ボールはともだち! こわくないよ。


Phonetic:  Boru wa tomodachi. Kowaku nai yo.


Eng: The ball is a friend! I'm not scared.


(My opinion)

It is kinda funny that Tsubasa calls the ball is his friend and he kicks his friend all the darn time in the field. JK JK!




は, wa:

ともだち, tomocachi:

こわく, kowaku:

ない, nai:

よ, yo:




Which anime/manga is the phrase from?

Captain Tsubasa


Who said the phrase?

Tsubasa Oozora


Who is Tsubasa Oozora ?

Tsubasa Ozora (大空 翼, ōzora tsubasa), is the protagonist of the Captain Tsubasa series. Tsubasa is the playmaker and pivot player of Japan, he wears the jersey #10 for Japan. (Fandom)


Who wrote and illustrated?

Yoichi Takahashi



Captain Tsubasa


Tsubasa Oozora (Fandom)


Yoichi Takahashi

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Written by   23
2 months ago
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