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People who change perspectives

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7 months ago

<Judging a cover by how it looks prevents us from knowing an unimaginable universe of learning>

Personally, I declare myself addicted to learning about things, places, experiences and even people, since over the years it has been possible to understand and understand that power lies in knowledge, that in one way or another it is the key that can open success, that the more we prepare and the more we focus on working on our goals daily, the more we can overcome ourselves, but at the same time we do not have to be selfish to recognize that even others put their grain of sand so that we we arose, including people who, simply through their example, their path, were sources of inspiration to always move forward, artists who, analyzing today, can discover that their fame and the recognition that they have today came after death, as well that although people do not recognize your effort, there are many possibilities but this does not indicate that you should leave everything behind, on the contrary, it is the perfect time to demonstrate r that even if nobody bets on you, you keep betting, you keep believing in yourself, in your dreams, in your projects, in your goals but above all in the process, a process that is never easy, that is full of potholes but nevertheless It gives you growth in many aspects of your life, in short, it gives you a new perspective on life.

Today we are very advantageous people, people who even have everything at our fingertips, people who with just a click away can learn about something new whether it works for you or not, and even things that further nurture your goals, but not only things and specific aspects, we also find people, experts, most of them logically in the area in which we want to be wiser but we can even find teachers of life, sources of inspiration that have absolutely nothing to do with our goals. of life but nevertheless we share many values ​​and clearly many positive qualities can be learned that we can use through our own approach and philosophy of life, likewise nothing happens by simple chance if you are today reading these words that I have decided to transmit since there is no use learning and leaving said knowledge stagnant when many more people in the world can do it through our actions and words, that is why today I want to tell you specifically about an artist who has worked tirelessly throughout his life to achieve goals that perhaps he himself did not imagine and that no one else could do as is the case of Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez, better known as “Daddy Yankee”, an artist of a genre that perhaps many do not like and I even do not declare myself as a fan of some expressions, but we cannot erase that this artist through his work over the years has left an incredible legacy that has inspired the birth of new artists.

He is an artist, of whom I had no expectations, we always falsely think that artists in this genre are not so intelligent people, when it is quite the opposite, I also have to emphasize that it is a very revealing interview since "Daddy Yankee" has granted very few interviews with such a personal approach to his life, his thoughts and of course the way of seeing life, so I also have to mention that it was done by the YouTube channel called MoluscoTV in case you want to hear it. As I mentioned before, one mistakenly believes that they are hollow artists, that they do it because they cannot find a real full-time job, but this is where the parameters exposed by society consume us, since instead of supporting us we judge, for reasons such as not we like the genre or that we simply judge these people by how they look when we should be neutral because first we don't know them and we don't take the time to look a little deeper into their lives, often somewhat unfair and hard lives but they they chose to work and bet on music to get out of that life and turn it little by little into the life of their dreams, very similar to the case of the person I am emphasizing in my article today, since he is a person who at first moment it never occurred to him that he would get to what he is today, he discovered it as his process progressed, perhaps at first it was to do it as a hobby but then little by little it became In his real work, work that many believe is easy but requires great attention, discipline, effort and desire, it is not for nothing that he is the pioneer, in short the king of the genre, the one that many admire, many would like to know and with him that so many want to work.

As I said before, it is better to take the time to get to know someone before truly giving a final verdict on that person, so many will think, but what can we learn from a reggaeton player, let me tell you that I thought the same until I started watching this one out of boredom interview where I thought that he was just going to brag about his money, his fame and power when it was totally the opposite, even though he has a different profession than his, I was able to change my perspective that success lies even in the discipline that we put into it to our objectives, work, doing things well and not for doing them that although at first it revolves around this, to our objectives later we will be able to enjoy the success that this leaves us, that although at first the others are enjoying of their lives when we are working on improving, they are sacrifices that must be made to be better, to improve, as well as to keep the EGO at bay and for heaven's sake HUMILITY, since the ego consumes us, creates wrong perspectives of life, but humility helps us come to our senses.

A person who fits the famous phrase that says "Work hard, quietly and let your success and work make all the noise" bragging about having or owning something only shows that the EGO runs your life, and even shows that there is more missing inside you than you only feel complete with recognition and with material things, because if you worked hard there would not be time to shout to the world that you are the best because that is in a title that your work gives you and in its defect to whom it reaches, for this reason it is always better to keep the EGO locked up and humility to heaven, also to not judge anyone without knowing them first, knowing their path, their process and the story behind all their success, because it comes easy and much less given away it comes with effort, sacrifice and work.

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Written by   45
7 months ago
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