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The Arguments Against Bitcoin Cash (How To Deal With BTC Maximalists)

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1 month ago

If you've looked at the comments section of any video, post, article or thread talking positively about Bitcoin Cash, I'm sure you've seen the trash talking of it that quickly ensues.

Take this comment from a Reddit post highlighting the fact that Bitcoin Cash has processed more transactions than Bitcoin for 7 straight days:

Let me point out that this comment was left on a post in r/Bitcoincash, so it's not like the OP was trying to trigger BTC maximalists. It was simply a post highlighting the increasing transactions on the Bitcoin Cash network in a subreddit for people interested in Bitcoin Cash.

Types of responses

Whenever I see comments like the one above I mainly see two types of responses:

  • Someone lowering themselves to the same level, replying by trash talking BTC

  • Someone talking about how great Bitcoin Cash is.

The latter is certainly better as it focuses on something positive rather than something negative, but in my opinion both type of responses are highly ineffective.


Not only will both responses be like talking to wall for whoever trashed Bitcoin Cash, but for a newcomer who is trying to learn about the different coins it'll just look like two camps throwing shit at each other and/or shilling their own coin. This only adds to the confusion, it sure did when I got into this space in 2017 (right after the BTC and BCH split).

As someone who has money invested in Bitcoin Cash I'm interested in hearing about any flaws with it that I may have overlooked in my own research. Obviously, I want to put my money in what I believe to be the best solution to the forever-devaluating 'faith-in-government' centralised infinite-supply fake money. In my opinion, that is Bitcoin Cash (and Monero), but I'm happy to be proven wrong. In fact, I want to be proven wrong so I can put my money towards an even better solution, but I've yet to hear any compelling arguments to why Bitcoin-BTC is better than Bitcoin-BCH, quite the opposite.

Here's what I've noticed...

The BTC maximalists rarely bring forward any actual arguments against Bitcoin Cash. I could summarise most comments I've seen with this: Bitcoin Cash is shit because it's shit.

Hardly the beginning of a constructive conversation.

How to respond to BTC maximalists

So what's the best way to respond to these kinds of comments?

Simply point out that no argument against Bitcoin Cash has been made in the comment. By doing that the shit talker actually has to try to come up with an actual argument, and if they can't, they'll lose credibility to anyone following the thread:

You'll quickly learn that the person who is talking shit about Bitcoin Cash actually has no clue about what he's talking about:

Thanks for listening to my TED Talk.

Well, not so fast. Let's have a look at how to respond if the BTC Maxi actually tries to put forward an actual argument, as the trash talker tried to do here:

A thread that could've been nothing but nonsensical trash talking back and forth, instead became something rather enlightening, don't you think? Suddenly both sides actually argue for Bitcoin Cash, although somewhat inadvertently by the other person.

And that's why I believe this is the best way to respond to BTC maximalists.

Stay calm and be respectful, ask reasonable questions and expect logical valid arguments in return. If the other person responds by making an argument that is untrue, whether they're intentionally lying or are just completely ignorant of the facts, you can quite easily pick apart their argument. The key is to get the BTC maximalist to make an argument in the first place.

In my own research I found that Bitcoin Cash has all the compelling arguments, so the BTC maxis only resort is to either not get into any arguments- "dude, I'm not here to argue"-style, or they will have to state something that is simply false and let me tell you, BTC maxis are making untrue statements all the time.

Here's one claiming Bitcoin-BTC is for the poor. Now, I don't consider myself poor, but if I were to pay a $10+ fee on every transaction I made, that would certainly hurt my wallet. At best the person is completely ignorant of how Bitcoin-BTC works, or at worst the person is intentionally lying.

Anyway, as you can see below, I respond, and right after my comment another person states something that is demonstrably false:

So what do you do the next time you see a comment like this:

Point out that no arguments have been made!

If anything, Bitcoin Cash is more real than Bitcoin-BTC as it is more inline with the Bitcoin whitepaper.

Speaking of the 'real' Bitcoin...

Allow me to digress a little bit here at the end. As of writing this post, I've stopped calling Bitcoin-BTC just Bitcoin. The reason is that I feel a bit uneasy with calling it Bitcoin having diverged so much from what Bitcoin used to be. As I just said, Bitcoin Cash has more in common with the original Bitcoin and therefore has just as much right to the name, if not more. So from now on I will stop to use the word Bitcoin alone. For clarity, I will use Bitcoin-BTC and Bitcoin Core for one of the forks, and Bitcoin-BCH and Bitcoin Cash for the other.

TL;DR: Kindly ask BTC maxis to make actual arguments and if they don't, point out that they aren't making any arguments. If they make invalid arguments as in the screenshots above, simply point that out too. Pick apart their invalid arguments calmly and respectfully, no need for profanity. This is the way, in my opinion.

Do you have any valid arguments against Bitcoin Cash? I'd love to hear them!

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Written by   14
1 month ago
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1 month ago

Worth reading article > but in my opinion those bitcoin means shitcoin users have no sense of humor i saw a person disrespecting food for btc they are just humorless peoples spreading shit

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Thanks. I think I know the comment you're referring to, it was a joke. Nothing like cracking a joke to dodge the hard questions, am I right? ¯\(ツ)

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