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Charlie Lee vs Roger Ver: The Bet

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1 month ago

In case you don't know about the bet, allow me to explain.

Back in 2018, Charlie Lee claimed that The Lightning Network would be ready in less than 18 months. However, Roger Ver wouldn't let Mr. Lee off that easy so he proposed a bet and the bet went as follows:
In 18 months time, if less than a thousand shops accept lightning network payments, Charlie Lee would have to wear a Bitcoin Cash t-shirt and make a video admitting that he was wrong. And vice versa, if more than a thousand shops accepted lightning network payments, Roger Ver would have to wear a lightning network or blockstream t-shirt and make a video admitting he was wrong.

They both agreed to the terms of the bet and shook hands.

Today it has been 30 months since the bet was made, and lightning network payments are still only accepted by 431 merchants. In other words, Charlie Lee lost the bet a year ago. As far as I know, a video of him wearing a Bitcoin Cash t-shirt admitting to be wrong has yet to be seen.

The moral of the story

If you're going to make bets, especially when it's broadcasted on the Internet, you better be ready to own up to it if you lose... because people like me will bring it up if you don't, lol!

This is all in good fun, and it's not as much about pointing fingers at Charlie Lee as it is to just bring some attention to Bitcoin Cash. But hey, if you're too proud to own up to a bet you've agreed to, a little bit of schadenfreude is to be expected, right?

I'm certainly not the first person to point this out, even Roger Ver himself has pointed it out. But I made a little meme-style video to go with it! (BTC maxi trigger warning).

Watch it on the LBRY desktop app: lbry://@MH#5/bitcoincash#9
Or through the LBRY web clients Odysee and

It's posted as public domain so feel free to re-upload it on Twitter or whatever (it's less than 2 min in length). No credits needed, although it'd be nice! 😜

While the mainstream is focused on Bitcoin Core (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is now processing more transactions than BTC. BCH is accepted by far more merchants and has far lower fees, and has a lot more services built on top of it. Bitcoin Cash is even beginning to take on Ethereum.

With so much going for it, it's hard not to get excited and tease the BTC maximalists a little bit. Especially because they were so confident at the time of the bet, making posts like these:

I think Roger Ver might have already lost a bet before it even started. Can't wait to see him wearing a lightning network or litecoin shirt lol

Where did all these people go after Charlie Lee lost the bet? 🤣

I'm sure I'll make more videos on Bitcoin Cash as it's now my biggest position in crypto. I also love how vibrant and supportive the BCH community is! 😄

Check out my previous post for some easy ways to earn Bitcoin Cash.

Original videos

Here are the videos I used for the edit above:

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$ 100.00 from @RogerVer
$ 1.15 from @TheRandomRewarder
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Written by   14
1 month ago
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For the record, when 18 months was up, I contacted Charlie, and he refused to uphold his half of the bet.

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1 month ago

you should post this on r/btc lol

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1 month ago

Gotta rub it in!

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1 month ago

A bit childish to not own up to it, but hey, at least we can poke a bit of fun at Charlie for being too proud to uphold his half of the bet, right? Thanks for the generous tip!

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1 month ago