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5 Easy Ways To Earn Crypto

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2 months ago

Recently I made some quite significant upgrades to my camera equipment and workflow for creating videos. I bought a cinema camera that shoots up to 6K resolution + a bunch accessories to go with it:

  • Camera rig

  • Zoom lens

  • Variable ND filter

  • Shotgun microphone

  • Travel tripod

  • LED lights

  • Camera backpack and shoulder bag

  • Batteries, external hard drives, cables etc.

After using the free version of DaVinci Resolve for the past 5 years, I finally upgraded to the studio version too. I actually got it with the camera, but there's also a bundle right now where you get a studio license when purchasing the new Speed Editor keyboard so I actually got two studio licenses.

Anyway, the twist here is that I bought it all with crypto that I've earned online.

I thought it would make for a good video to show some easy ways to earn crypto, so I put together a video doing exactly that.

In the video I cover LBRY/Odysee,,,, lazyfox and a couple of others. Watch it on the LBRY desktop app: lbry://@MH#5/internetmoney#1

Or through the LBRY web clients Odysee and

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I think I was lucky to have joined LBRY during the early days as they were very generous with the rewards. Minimum 1 LBC for watching video daily and 15 LBC for referrals. They are now reducing the reward rates in all categories but I think it's due to the growing userbase. My earnings on have been decent so far but the only platform I am struggling to get any traction is perhaps it will grow with time. Cheers!

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2 months ago

I haven't used that much yet, but I was of the impression that it was more difficult to get traction on From what I've seen there's a lot more engagement on Thanks for the tip! 🙏

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User's avatar mh
2 months ago