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Youtube: The most used social network among Internet users

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1 month ago

If you are one of those people who want to venture as a content generator on the Internet, this publication may be useful to you, because after a little research on my part by using a survey through the messaging service Telegram, I was asking about the most used social networks among users, and among the results gave as absolute winner Youtube, followed by others. The survey that reached a partition (so far) of 102 participants gave the following results:

  • Youtube - 63%

  • Twitter - 35%

  • Instagram - 33%

  • Facebook - 30%.

  • Tik-Tok - 10%

  • Tumblr - 2%

Data provided by the survey.

Now the question is: in what way can this data be interpreted? And it seems that people prefer the content of various topics despite the length in duration in the videos unlike its most direct rival as it is Tik-Tok, as many can argue that the content of the videos on the Chinese social network are based more on viral challenges than anything else. Now, as for Twitter, we all know that it is a place that lends itself mostly to attacks in comments between participants on a particular topic; other than that, it is worth having it to look only for breaking news. As for Instagram, it is mostly used to advertise images, which, if attractive, can generate a good impact among its users. And Tumblr, which is one of the best in terms of formats and options to create content, has been forgotten since the reforms were made to combat erotic material. Will Tumblr come to an end someday?

I personally underestimated Youtube but I see that I was wrong, apparently it is still one of the best to be known among the public.

And if you are interested in watching and participating in the survey, I'll leave you the link below:

And as for you, what do you think of these results, how do you interpret them? Leave a comment at the end of this publication, and I will be happy to read and respond to them.

See you in the next installment.

Image source:

Screenshots from my Toshiba laptop.

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Written by   81
1 month ago
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