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tree are our oxygen

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Rangamati, the daughter of the hills, is the epitome of the sleeping beauty of the blue sky with a pair of horizons sleeping on the hills, rivers, lakes and mountains. The beauty of Rangamati is unique in all seasons. There is a variety of beauty in the layers of Rangamati, the queen of forms wrapped in the tight embrace of nature. The deep forests of Rangamati, the inexhaustible attraction of the hilly nature are endless to the tourists. Where there are green forests covered hills, streams flowing Kaptai lake, the original beauty of nature. There are innumerable forms of posara scattered in the depths of Rangamati. Similarly, the unique hill beauty of Rangamati is called Yamchuk hill. If you do not climb to the top of this mountain, you will not be able to understand how much unearthly beauty nature has in it.

Yamchuk hill is located in Gun Bhanga union of Rangamati. It is the highest mountain in the gun-breaking union. This beautiful hill is a place of immense natural beauty. This unearthly beauty here will enchant anyone. From the top of this hill you will see the impeccable form of nature. In front of your eyes will be a pair of horizontal mountain ranges. These green-covered hills seem to blend in with the blue sky. This deep union of mountains and sky will make you forget all the fatigue of a busy life. Standing on top of this mountain, the distant sky and the cool breeze will take you to another world. Silence playing on the green lining here. And this silence will bring you very close to nature. The impeccable beauty of Rangamati, the hill girl, will catch your eye in an instant.

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this. is really nice

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